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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 28. 1918. · 46]. tablishments, required by the legislative, executive, and judicial V°*· 3% PP- n3· 750- appropriation Acts for the fiscal years mneteen hundred and thirteen and mneteen hundred and fourteen, respectively, and to investigate V¤1-38.p- 1008- duplication of statistical and other work and methods of business in the various branches of the Government service; for purchase or exchange of equipment, supplies, stationery; books and periodicals, · and printing and binding; m all, $38,000: rmnkled, That no person ,_€g;}*r*~g;mcu0n_ shall be employed hereunder at a compensation exceeding $4,000 per annum- cenneu ot National COUNCHJ OF NATIONAL DEFENSE. Defense. For e nses of experimental work and investigations undertaken E%*P°¤S°$°{uw°*kbY· by the Cxgincil of National Defense, by the advisory commission, or e¢g"°°m' ° pl°y°°°’ subordinate bodies; for the employment of a director, secretary, chief clerk, expert, clerical and other assistance, equipment and supplies, S¤pp¤¤=.¤w- including law books, books of reference, newspapers, and periodicals; subsistence and travel, including the expenses of mem ers of the advisory commission or subordinate bodies going to and attending méetings (pf the a1dvisory_ comrgissiclzn or s;1{)>pl;·1diinate bodies rlent lp o cesan groun s;reau·san upee o mgsoccupi yte council; and printing aliid binding dong at the Govemment Printing Pmm°°°°dbi°m°°' Office, $250,000. UNITED STATES COMPENSATION COMMIS- ¤et1i$.p<i°$i¤i°°nia¤€1°Tfi°°°` For salaries of the commissioners, assistants, clerks, and other S°n¤°°¤¤d°xP°¤°°*‘» employees; traveling e nses; expenses of medical examinations; » reasonable traveling anldpbther expenses and loss of wages payable to employees under section twenty-one; rent in the District o Columbia and of ofnces; not exceeding $250 for professional andscientific ks, law books, books of reference, and mriodicals; stationery, and other supplies; printinlg and binding to done at tihe (government Printing Ofliee; an other necessary expenses, 37, 0. FEDERAL BOARD ros vocA·r1oNAL EDUCATION. ,,.,‘,i?°·*‘°¤·‘ °*’¤°=· Not to exceed $3,995 of the appropriation contained in section Rm °“°”“°g '°'- seven of the Act entitled "An Actpto provide for the promotion of gddnibiii mm t M vocational education, and so forth," approved February twent · V°1‘3°’*"°3°' third, nineteen hundred and seventeen, shall be availabe for tlie rental of quarters in the District of Columbia for the said board from the date of its organization until June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eighteen. , UNITED STATES FOOD AND FUEL Anmmsrnerions. .,§,·:.?;*,,:.¤,;*,,F¤·’ A°· _Fer expenses of the United States Food and Fuel Administm- _,_§@··g;§=¤¤¤r- tions, created under authority contained in the Act entitled "An .i»a,p.z%e. Act to_ provide further for the national security and defense by encouraging the production, conserving the supply, and controlling the distrz ution o food products and fuel," approved August tenth, mneteen hundred and seventeen, including personal and other services and rent in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, per diem allowances in mlilpubof subsistelnce not exceedirig $4, traveling expenses, prmt ind? an neeess su es and ui ment, $1,750,00u(l? , uy PP eq P.