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474 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 28. 1918. , _,s_·“'¤‘°"°s °“d°”°¤· Aimomns AND A1zsmNALs. B°°i°i°'C°1' hBenicia Arsenal, dCalifornia: For lpdditional for an addition to t emain issuing an receivin store ouse $10,000. F’¤¤¤¤“» P¤· Franldord Arsenal, Philadegihia, Pennsylvania: For a small-arms ammunition storehouse and cart house, $175,000; For an artillery case shop, $490,000; For an experimental shop building, $275,000; flpr il storehouse for special ammunition, $70,000; a $1,010 000. R°°kI’l“'“°’m‘ Rock Island Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois: For additional amount for completing facilities for manufacturing field artillery ammunition, $220,300. Alger ladditional for improving water·power plant, Rock Island _ ena $95 000. R°P“"“*°°°‘ Repairs oi arsenals: For repairs and improvement of arsenals, and to meet such unforeseen expenditures as accidents or other _ mmm contingencies duringil the year may render necessary, including m,.%“°l"“°'_ ’ $100,000, or so_muc thereof as may be necessary, for machinery for manufacturing p1u·poses in the arsenals, $250,000. "““““”‘°°*·"· MILITARY rosrs. aguiiickieggnquii Barracks and quarters, seacoast defenses: For construction of ‘°“°'· temdporary barracks and guarters at seacoast posts for the accommo ation of officers an enlisted men of the Coast Artillery, mcluding heating and lighting apparatus, water and sewer systems, 7 plumbing, roads, walks, wharves, and drainage, $3,565,000. Fm M°”‘°°·‘“- Fort onroe, Virginia: For additional for paly of twelve laborers, · from_ August nineteenth, nineteen_hundred_ an seventeen, to Jime thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eighteen, inclusive, $1,363.49; and authority is granted to reimburse nonmilitary residents at Fort gionérhoe élgeir pro rata share of the amount which should be borne _ _ _ y e vernment. ,,§§,§’,1;€““1"‘“g‘“““ MISCELLANEOUS. §§,,°§““"°“°”S‘°“‘ Exicutive Slélzrésionz For fuel for the Executive Mansion and green ouses , 0. H"°““g°m°°*#°*°· U Heating offices, watchmen’s lodges, and so forth: For heating 3flicesé;v5a(tghmen’s lodges, and greenhouses at the propagating garens, , . mX°“m“g¤_ mn M°"“` Washington Monument: For purchase and installation of new E‘°“*°'- cables for the elevator, $5,000. _ E‘P°”’“· For fuel, lights, Oll, waste, packing, tools, matches, paints, brushes, brooms, lanterns, rope, nails, screws, lead, electric lights, heating apparatus, oil stoves for elevator car and upper and lower floors, repairs to engines, boilers, dynamos, elevator, and retpaus of all kinds connected with the Monument and machinery; an purchase of all necessary ·8.`l'l31Cl€S for keepindg the Monument, machinery, elevator, N Y kg b and electric {plant in good or er, $2,000. ‘ "' °' “' °" Harbor o New York: For prevention of obstructive and injurious P H In t deposits within the harbor and adjacent Waters of New York City; . 3 ° °" ‘ or pay of crews and maintenance of patrol fleet, six steam tags Hmm ut H and one launch, $10,000. R,p,,,§,_ ‘ For additional for the purchase and installation of a new dynamo, g§etZ)r6cal fittings, new deck, and new boiler on patrol vessel Lamont, A , -9 my ’ MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT. 8,.§§‘§$§§‘f°”1‘°’G°°‘ movosr MA1zs11AI. GEN`EKAL,S orrrcn. ,,,,,Ds'“f,sl’°giS"“°i°“°" For additional amount for all expenses necessa th t - tion of persons available for military service th: selectgn