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sixrY-r1r·rH ooiwcsnss. sm. II. cs. so. 1918. 517 such goods, wares, or merchandise, or any act in the course of such production, manufacture, or sellmghfor consumption or for resale. ,_ _ _ That the words "trade within e United States" wherever used u¤1f•iid°sti»n:4i•i]?} ii; in this Act mean trade or commerce amonghthe several States or in imdany Territory of the United States, or in e District of Columbia, or between any such Territory and another, or between any such Territory or Territories and any State or States or the District of Columbia, or between the District of Columbia and any State or States. H _ _ That the word "association" wherever used in this Act means any m,,,’,}_SS°°””'°”·" ‘*°‘ corporation or combination, by contract or otherwise, of two or more persons, partnerships, or corporations. A i , Sec. 2. That nothing contained in tlw Act entitled "An Act to for €i}’f»iti?faeSSiilii protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopo- ‘,Q§l{”*°¤ °' A¤¤¢¤·S¤ 'es," approved July second, eaghteen hundred and mnety, shall be \;§g·%,p.m;v¤, construed as declaring to be egal an association entered into for p' ‘ the sole purpose of engaging in export trade and actually engaged _ solely in suc export trade, or an agreement made or act done in the °°°°“°°"‘°" course of export trade by such association, provided such association, agreement, or act is not in restraint of trade within the United States, and is not in restraint of the export trade of agi domestic competitor of such association: And owldedfurther, at such associa— .,ting ,,,,,,,_ _ p tion does not, either in the Unite<?)States or elsewhere, enter into any Qggggfsjgtgdmwu agreement, understanding, or conspiracy, or do any act which arti- ` iicially or intentionally enhances or depresses rices within the · United States of commodities of the class exported by such association, or which substantially lessens competition within the United · States or otherwise restrains trade therein. _ Sec. 3. That nothing contained in section seven of the Act ,, °,§‘§‘,,&2‘§§ entitled "An Act to supplement existing laws against unlawful ¤l*g:,_¤g»8 m restraints and monoplies, and for other purposes, " approved October ’p` ' fifteenth, nineteen undred and fourteen, shall e construed to forbid the acguisition or ownership by anfy corporation of the whole or any part o the stock or other capital o any corporation organized solely or the purpose of engaging in export trade, and actually Ummm engaged solely in such export trade, unless the effect of such acquisi-· ' tion or ownership may be to restrain trade or substantially lessen competition within the United States. Sec. 4. That the prohibition against "unfair methods of compe- .,.,,Y.'?,§'{m{,”‘ tition" and the remedies dprovided for enforcing said rohibition “°$g,P*3g*“l}"§*j*,}· contained in the Act enti ed "An Act to create a Fedgral Trade ’ ' Commission, to define its powers and duties, and for other (purposes, " _ alpproved September twenty-sixth, nineteen hundred an fourteen, s all be construed as extending to unfair- methods of competition used in export trade against competitors engaged in export trade, even though the acts constituting such unfair methods are done without the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. Sec. 5. That eve association now engaged solely in export ;,£},",{°.;,,'{‘,2?,§,$€,,,,{,‘§,",,‘,§i{,€$ trade, within sixty relays after the passage o this Act, and every mgggggggm association entered into hereafter which engages solely in ex rt ` trade, within thirty days after its creation, shall file with the Fedieiiial Trade Commission a verified written statement setting forth the location of its offices or places of business and the names and addresses of all its officers and of all its stockholders or members, and if a corporation, a copy of its certificate or articles of incorporation and by- laws, and if umnco orated, a co y of its articles or contract Smmmwmw of association, and on therlgxst day of fanuary of each year there- mms. after it shall make a. like statement of the location of its offices or places of business and the names and addresses of all its officers and of &ll`1l3S_ stockholders or members and of all amendments to and changes in its articles or certificate of incorporation or in its C ml mm with articles or contract of association. It shall also furnish to the com- ea.;} éitiaaoas.