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548 SIXTY-FIF TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Crrs. 69-72. 1918. . N¤*“¤*““”°¤ °°F'·“· Sec. 3. That all certificates of naturalization granted by courts §;:1°sprlilrrtig°l§•i;§·Tde°ui:§ of com tent jurisdiction prior to December thirty-first, nineteen °°'27’ 1°°°’ ”1‘ °°d‘ hundredc and eighteen, upon petitions for naturalization nled prior to January thirty-first nineteen hundred and eighteen, upon dec arations of intention filed prior to September twenty-seventh, nineteen hundred and six, are hereby declared to be valid in so far as the declaration of intention is concerned, but shall not be by this Act D_ t _ t I C b_ further validated or legalized. mcitsagi. ° mm `° The word "District" in sections four, ten, and twenty-seven of m‘;‘g},f*"· PP· 5°"· 5°°· the Act which this Act amends is hereby amended to read " the District of Qolumbia/’ Approved, May 9, 1918. M·‘>Y1°·*°*& . . . . . . [S- 380%] B€uCHAPii70.——An Act Authonzuzg the Eesrdent dur1nitheL;x1sur;'g1;emergencyutro - su ma , mmen,oroer ro , ere oreo - [Public, NO` M5`] chased? or man3aci)ured by the Uniiz)edlSetl:ges, in connection with, or iiicidental to, the prosecution of the war-. wu su has W Be it enactedbyt}zeSenate and House ofR%1};rese1•tat;ives¢t£the _mis,m.p° ’m° States rj America in Congress assembled, at during _ e existing ,°§§°S;‘,,*§§,§'“G§;",§§_fj emergency the President be, and he herelay is, authorized, in hrs gigs, sw-, durinz ¤¤¤ discretron, and upon such terms as he shall eem expedient, pim, p. sm. the head of any executive department, to sell an sup hes, maten , equipment or other property heretofore or lieremp ter purchased, . acquired, or manufactured by the United States rn connection with, or mcidental to, the prosecution of the war, to any gierson, }é:.)rtner— ship, association, or corporation, or to any foreign tate or vern- Dispml °,,m,p,_,,_ ment engaged in war against any Government with which the United States is at war; and any moneys received by the United States as the proceeds of any such sale shall be covered into the Treasury of the 'nited States and a full report of the same shall be forthwith submitted to Congress. Approved, May 10, 1918. - Ms 10,1918.

 *29*-l CHAP. 71.-An Act Authorizing postage rates on aeroplane mail.

Public, No. 146. lima, Smm I Be it emzcted by the Senate and House o{_l13epresentat·ives of the United nm for aeroplane States of America in Congress assembled, at the Postmaster General "‘“"‘ in his iscretion, may require the payment of postage on mail carried by aeroplane at not exceeding 24 cents per ounce or fraction thereof. Approved, May 10, 1918. Mag 11,1918. [ ·m°·l CHAP. 72.-—An Act To amend the Act of March third, nineteen hundred and {Public, No. 147.] thirteen, entitled "An Act to regulate the officering and manning of vessels subject to the inspection laws of the United States" _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Representatives 0 the ‘United `iif'$$Yii%iii;é¤ and States oj`America in Congress assembled,fThat section forf?-four hun- °“"”· dred and sixtv-three of the Revised Statutes of the United States be, mnimum mmm of and it is hereby, amended to read as follows: inclu·1i.nylit;cb0:itmen: _ “Sec. 4*163: No vessel of the United States Sublect to the provi- ‘°,§”S?_{$,°§f’,,b;’,39;p_ ,364, sions of this title or to the inspection laws of the Uinited States Shall a¤gg¤}·r§g.p my be navigated unless she shall are rn her service and on board such " ‘ "` " complement of licensed officers and crew including certificated lifeboat men, separately stated, as may, in the gudgment of the local Chmw _ nm mspectorswho inspect the vessel, be necessary or her safe navigation. .,.,l8s0;“;,§Sp.§§‘¤0‘,§? The local inspectors shall make in the certificate of inspection of the