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S1xrY-1v1FrH CONGRESS. Sess. rr. oa. 113. 1918. 655 For rebuilding main roads, including one public road running through the arsenal grounds, $32,000; For a locomotive crane, $25,000; For p1n·chase of land known as the old burying ground, adjacent to ‘*°°m"”“"“"°‘ the arsenal, the disinterment and reinterment elsewhere of bodies, and the erection of a wall inclosing the land, $15,000 ; In all, $138,000. _ Repairs of arsenals: For repairs and improvement of arsenals, and R°P°*”· °*°· to meet such unforeseen expenditures as accidents or other contingencies during the year may render necessary, including $600,000, M“°°"“°"‘ or so much thereof as may be necessary for machinery for manufacturing purposes in the arsenals, $1,750,000. quanrsmnsmn corzrs. °°“""'”’“'°°'°°"°‘ Military Posts, Hawaiian Islands: For the construction of the neces- Higiiiield B°m°k°' sary buildings, water and sewer systems, roads, walks, and so forth, required for the permanent accommodations for one compaply of engineers, one regiment of Infantry, one regiment of Field Art' ery, one ambulance company, $2,239 000. Fort Monroe Virginia, wharf, roads, and sewer: For repair and $€{°,,{_'°"'°°’ v°‘ maintenance of wharf and a ron of wharf, including all necessary labor and material therefor, ihel for waiting rooms, water, brooms, and shovels, $30,000; wharfinger, $900; four laborers, $2,880; in all, $33,780; for one-third of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $11,260. For rakes, shovels, and brooms; repairs to roadway, pavements, R°*’°'”°°'°“’·°‘°· macadam and asphalt block; repairs to street crossings; repairs to street drains, $15,400; six laborers cleaning roads, at $720 each; in all, for two·thirds of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $13,146.67. For waste, oil, boiler repairs, sewer pipe, cement, brick, and sup- S"'°" plies, $1,725; two engineers, at $1,200 each; two laborers, at $720 each; in all, $5,565; for two-thirds of said sum, to be supplied by the United States, $3,710. For continuing construction of the necessag accommodations for p§'§,*,?§§§S,,§Y°°“”“’ the Seacoast Artillery in the Philippine and awaiian Islands, and for temporary cantonments for oversea garrisons, $54,750. mm 1 mm NATIONAL cniumrsnmsz For maintaining and improving national immzldaii? ` cemeteries, including fuel for superintendents, pay of laborers and ” other employees, purchase of tools, and materials, $150,000. S . M For pay of seventy-six superintendents of national cemeteries, in- °°°"° dm"' cluding not to exceed $1,500 for the superintendent at Mexico City, $63»72°· ‘ ’ Headstoue . L For continuing the work of furnishing headstones of durable stone d;,,,s,,m_,gZ,vg °° or other durable material for unmarked graves of Union and Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines in national, post, city, town, and vill e cemeteries, naval cemeteries at navy yards and stations T of the Egiited States, and other burial places, under the Acts of m?§§§§’J2;_§;,,Y§§; March third, eighteen hundred and seventy-three, February third, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, and March ninth, nineteen hun- Ci,.m,,,,,_ dred and six; continuing the work of furnishing headstones for un- 34'VOILE} P- 396% V¤l· markcd graves of civilians interred in post cemeteries under the Acts p" ' of April twenty-eighth, nineteen hundred and four, and June thirtieth nineteen hundred and six; and furnishing headstones for the unmarked cm,M.,,,,_ graves of Confederate soldiers, sailors, and marines in national cemeteries, $50,000. _ For repairs to roadways to national cemeteries which have been con- *,Ef,m‘° '°“"““‘ structed bg sglecial authority of Congress, $12,000: Provided, That smmiimma by no railroa s all be permitted u on the right of way which may "°‘°°°"°'°i°°°°° have been acquired by the Unitedp States to a national cemetery, or