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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 113. 1918. 689 oflice of such magnetic observers, at salaries not exceeding $2,200 per annum, as may be necessary, $90,000; For special surveys that may be re uired by the Bureau of L' ht- °P°°“*S“”°Y¤- houses or other proper authority, and contingent expenses incident thereto, $5,000; For objects not hereinbefore named that may be deemed urgent, _ mS°°“°¤°°“*· including the preparation or purchase of plans and specifications of vessels and the employment of such hull draftsmen in the Held and oflice as ma be necessary for the same; the reimbursement, under m,§;°‘§,§;’**;§•£,*;’°v,¤;gckf;>g rules rescrihed by the Secretary of Commerce, of officers of the Coast p¤¤w¤¤,¤w. and (ihodetic Survey for food, clothin , medicines, and other supplies furnished for the temporary relief 0% distressed persons in remote localities and to shipwrecked ersons temporarily provided for by them, not to exceed a total oi) $550; actual necessary expenses of officers of the Held force tem orarily ordered to the office in the District of Columbia for consistation with the superintendent, and In _ not exceeding $500 for the expenses of the attendance of the American d.,,;§°A'§Z,*‘L§’§‘§;¤_ G°°' delegates at the meetings of the International Geodetic Asociation, $4 500; . ln all, Held expenses, $382,600. _ Vessels: For repairs and maintenance of the complement of vessels §',§,,“,f,§;,,,,,,,, cm including traveling expenses of persons inspecting the repairs, and ' exclusive of engineer’s su plies and other ship chandlery, $36,000. For all necessar employees to man and equip the vessels, in- 9°°°‘““°°‘°‘”· cluding professionalr seamen serving as mates on vessels of the s1u·vey, to execute the work of the survey erein provided for and authorized by law, $225,000. Salaries: Sulperintendent, $6,000; hydrographic and geodetic engi- en. neers, junior ydrogiraphic and geodetic engineers, and aids, to e ¤*¤°•”·°‘f· employed in the Hel or office, as the superintendent may direct, one of whom may be designated by the Secreta.ry of Commerce to act as assistant superintendent; hydrographic and geodetic engineers—two at $4,000 each, one $3,200, five at $3,000 each, one $2,800, five at $2,500 each, twelve at $2,400 each, nine at $2,200 each, twelve at $2,000 each; junior hydrographic and geodetic engineers—·-sixteen at $1,800 each, eleven at $1,600 each, nine at $1,400 each, twelve at $1,200 Seach; aids——ten at $1,100 each, nineteen at $1,000 each; in all, $223,5 0. · Oihce force; Disbursing{agent, $2,500; chief of division of library 3i?g°£.l`Z`§YX` and archives, $1,800; cler to superintendent, $1,800; chief of printing and sales, $2,000; clerks—two at $1,800 each, three at $1,650 each, four at $1,400 each, eleven at $1,200 each, five at $1,000 each, ten at $900 each, six at $720 each; mmm Topographic and h drographic draftsmen: Two at $2,400 each, ` three at $2,200 each, three at $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each, three at $1,600 each, three at $1,400 each, six at $1,200 each, two at $1,000 each, two copyist draftsmen at $1,000 each; com um Astronomical, geodetic, tidal, and miscellaneous computers: One P ' $2,500, two at $2,200 each, two at $2,100 each, two at $2,000 each, · four at $1,800 each, four at $1,600 each, five at $1,400 each, eleven at $1,200 each; mmm Copperplate engravers: One $2,400, two at $2,200 each, three at ` $2,000 each, three at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 each, two at $1,400 each, one $1,200 two at $1,000 each; Engravers and apprentices at not exceeding $1,000 each, $3,600; . Instrument makers: Mechanical engineer $2,750, one $1,800, one I¤’°'“'°°“*‘“”'”°”· $1,600, two at $1,400 each, three at $1,200 each; Pattern malgers and carpenters: Three at $1,400 each, two car- P““°"° ”"“‘°”·°°"" penters and painters at $900 each; Lithograp ers, _ lithographic di-aftsmen, transferers, lithogiraphic mm °“‘pl°’°”‘ pressmen and their helpers, plate printers and their helpers,an other 112460°—voL 40—1>·r 1-44