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748 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 117. 1918. nine hundred and seventy-four clerks, grade two, at not exceeding $1,000 each; one thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven clerks, de one, at not exceeding $900 each; in all, including increases §Qu°°°‘{';;,,, qudmd Eleureinafter rovided, $32,500,000; Provided, That_ railway postal wif ** _,c clerks shall lie credited with full time when deadheading under orders issmiziea. °’ of the department, and the appointment and assignment of clerks hereunder shall be so made during the fiscal year as not to involve a greater aggregate expenditure than this sum; and, to enable the Postmaster _ General to reclassify the salaries of railway postal clerks and make ’ necessary appointments and promotions, he may exceed the number ’}“'°°“ Hmm of clerks in such of the grades as may be necessary: Provided, ’1`hat the numb3r(pf regular clerks in the aggregate as herein authorized be not excee e . T“"°’ °"°""°"‘ For travel allowances to railway postal clerks, acting railway postal clerks, and substitute railway postal clerks, including substitute railway postal clerks for railway postal clerks granted leave with pay on account of sickness, $1,613,959. T""“"“‘“‘*’°’“”‘ For actual and necessary expenses, general superintendent and assistant general su erintendent, division superintendents, assistant division superintendents, and chief clerks Railway Mail Service, and railwaygmostal clerks, while actually traveling on business of the Post Ollice epartment and away from their several designated headquarters, $48,000. _ '“°°"“‘°°"‘ For rent, light, heat, fuel, telegra lh miscellaneous and office expenses, schedules of mail trains, telgphone service, badges for railway postal clerks, including rental of offices for division headquarters, and chief clerk, Railway Mail Service, in Washinllgton, Disgw '°' tmm trict of Columbia, and rental of space for terminal ra` way post offices for the distribution of mails when the furnishing of space for such distribution can not under the Postal Laws an Regulations properly be required of railroad companies without additional compensation, and for equipment and miscellaneous items necessary and t incidental to_terminal railway post offices, $732,156.

 For per diem allowance of two assistant superintendents while ‘

actually traveling on official business away from their home, their official domicile, and their headquarters, at a rate to be fixed by the Postmaster General, not to exceed $4 er day, and for their necessary official expenses not covered by tliieir per diem allowance, not exceeding $500; in all, $2,420. m§sl¤¤’¤*¤ ¤¤¤ ¢•bl° For i and transportation of mail by electric and cable cars, rams. $555,000: Provikled, That the rate of compensation to be paid per °"°°“"" mile shall not exceed the rate now paid to companies performing such service, excQ>t that the Postmaster General, in cases where the quantity of mail is large and the number of exchange points numerous, may, in his discretion, authorize payment for closed-pouch service at a rate per mile not to exceed one-third above the rate per mile now paid for closed-pouch service, and for mail cars and apartments carrying the mails not to exceed the rate of 1 cent per linear °¤*¤i·i¤ ¤*¢‘i¤¤¤· foor per car-mile of travel: Provided further, That the rates for electric car service on routes over twenty miles in length outside of _ _ cities shall not exceed the rates paid for service on steam railroads: °“"‘““"""d‘“°“’· Provided, however, That not to exceed $25,000 of the sum hereby pppropriated may be expended, in the discretion of the Postmaster eneral, where imusual conditions exist or where such service will Submmmu M more expeditious and efiicient and at no greater cost than otherw,g0,,Sm~¤_ wise, and not to exceed $100,000 of this appropriation may be expended for regulation screen or motor screen wagon service which mgda {);¤i;;·;·;s&°¤§g may be authorized in lieu of electric or cable car service: Provided Qcmmerce comms- further, That the Interstate Commerce Commission is hereby em- "°“· powered and directed as soon as practicable to fx and determine