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754 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 117. -1918. ¤e§°;Y}§;°,_’}1§m”°,{“°,,;’{°“‘ the use of the Postal Service; and the Postmaster General is hereby authorized to use the same, in his discretion, in the transportation of . the mails and to pay the necessary expenses thereof out 0 the appropriztion forlinland transportation by steamboat or other power li)oat ‘ or y aero anes or star route.

§_?£l$i&`S`sJ¤i;imt1ié Sec. 9. gmployees, includingsubstitute eiplployees, of the Postal

R;mmmm, ,0 ,,,,_ Service who have entered the military or nav serv1ce_of the United ries. sg:-. when dv- States or who shall hereafter enter it durm the existence of the °°"g° present war, shall, when honorably discharged from such service, be reassigned to their duties in the Postal Service at the salary to which they would have been automatically promoted had they remained in the Postal Service, provided they are physically and mentally quali- 0, www fied to perform the duties of suc positions. mrame. Sec. 10. That the Act_ approved January twenty-first, nineteen m‘§,’;_$}f,§,’·,,,uf,';f,‘l‘ hundred and fourteen Thirty-eighth Statutes, page two hundred and seventy-eight), authomzing the ostmaster General to adjust certain claims of Estmasters for oss by bnuglaryi fire, or other imavoidable mY,*;‘&“_”· ¥’· m· casualty, so amended as to include nited States War Savings gertiizicate Stpmps, gates _G;ye;mmetri11L Sta{1nps, war' axrevenuesam an un receiv rom s eos t : gizwuinir. Pojomlied, That thissilct shall not embrace any claim for lolggs nits lsfoiigsaid whgzh accrtugd pncgfno twenttyggomth, ainaeteegilliundredan seven n,an suc caimsmus resen wit ' mmmmm Amy mcénths1fi·on1r1:he tinie_the lpsi hm}; mx ,__ Eq. . eprovisrono-te cto unef nineteenh ded

ggg§:{gg$°;“g and sixteen, an Act for making further and more ’eifectual prligision

pealiid. for the national defense and for other purposes, and the Act of August V"' °°’“" m'°°°‘ twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and sixteen, an Act makinglxppro-

 for the naval service for the Hscal year ending June t tieth,

mneteen hundred and seventeen, and for other Enlrnniposes, authorizing the payment of $5 to postmasters at second, t , and fourth class ‘ offices for each_recrnut secured by them and accepted by the Aimy, ,,,*;.<-—·-··»~== ·*~ NE`32; Ed i%§‘E‘§§ZZ¥$a`if§i°l’rZm'§é’i3JZi‘lacr6d·r f ns. _ . ·. _ _ 1 o any one person "°;""“*§‘° “'“°““" m a postal-savings depository, exclusive of ac ul ted ° te t

i%1l;?t ;i?`81¤
Vol- shall not exceed $2,50p. Non-interest paying cldiznposlits sllinall riisot
_(;"_l_“viug_ be accepted. All laws inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

,t.§,,g{,,_ 36, P 815 113il That secttpntcsix of lthe tAct% alppmved Juiiej twenizly-iifgi, m,,d·_ · · _ un an n,1s ere u er ttt Ima! mm M_ proviso in said section shall read as iiillows: umm e so a B hesive stamps wzm- "Provided, That m order that smaller amounts may be accumu- 1***- lateéldfor deposit, person marley purcl;•;1 fo(1;h10 cents, from any -savmgs eposi ry, speci y re a t t be md who wml Kiiiiwn as ‘postal-savini stamps} aiid iittach theisiltz ixtizrailrlds which A "wdng shall be furmshed for the purpose. A card with ten postal-savings mm°°'°°a”°mmm Stamps aHi;xed_sh:Alldp.e apocepted as a deposit of $1 either in mtapening an accoun or in g an existing account, or may be eeme m cash." gs·;i:”¥'Y$,..,'u'$;°°}; ;,°"$ 14._ That if the revenues of the Post Office De artment shall ww be msufficient to meet the appropriations made by tltiis Act, a. sum equal to such deficiency of the revenue of said de artment is hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any money in_the Zlzreasury not otherwise appigiglnated, to supphy said deficiencies in the revenues for the Post ce Department or the year June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and nmeteen, and the sum neede may be advanced to the Post Office Department upon requisition of the Postmaster General. Approved, July 2, 1918.