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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 12. 1917. 59 Quartermaster stable, $2,7 00; Quartermaster storehouse, $4,938; Quartermaster stable and warehouse, $3,600; For Army Medical School, $7,920; For attending surgeon and retiring board, $3,000; Depot quartermaster office, $2,500; Garage, Quartermaster Co S, $1,500; Office of Aviation Section,]-Signal Corps, $5,000. _ CLAIMS Fon DAMAGES T0 AND Loss or PRIVATE rnornnrrz For ,,g'§`Z’1§,°,E,§"“’t‘°° d"“"` ayment of claims for damages to and loss of private property incident to the training, practice, and operations 0 the Armv that have accrued, or may hereafter accrue, from time to time, to be immedi- ,,,0,,,m ately available and to remain available until e ended: Prmrided, Sattlementmtc. That settlement of such claims shall be made by xo Auditor for the War Department, u on the approval and recommendation of the Secretary of War, wlhere the amount of damages has been ascertained by the War Department, and payment thereof will be accepted by the owners of the property in full satisfaction of such damages, $5r000· em burg rm. That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized and Purchsase Oz aaaidirected to acquire, by purchase, for the Gettysburg National Mili- "°"“u“dS‘ tary Park the land composing the right of way of the Gettysburg Railway Company (the rails, ties, and superstructure of same to remain the property of the Gettysburg Railwg Company and to be removed by the said company as required by e Secretary of War), mm tim said right of way embracing the tracts known as the Amos Leister P tracts, the F. G. Pfeifer tracts, the Jacob Benner estate tract, the Simon J. Godori tract, the Jacob Masonheimer tract, the Annie E. Beecher tract, the Rosanna E. Wible tract, the James W. Timbers tract, the S. W. Crawford tracts, the William H. Tipton tract, the Calvin P. Krise tract, the George Bushman tract, and the Peter D. Swisher tract within the limits of. the battle field of Gettysburg and within the limits of the Gettysburg National Military Park for the sum of $30,000, that being the amount awarded in condemnation proceedings in the eastern district of Pennsylvania, which sum is hgpeby appropriated and made immediately available for such pure ase. VOCATIONAL TRAINING! For the employment of the necessary v,§",§,?,§l§‘}‘},,'§{,’§’°},’}"{,‘§; civilian instructors in the most important trades, for the purchase of ="¤¤*·¤¤·¢°°*=‘··°*¢· carpenter’s, macliinist’s, plumber’s, mason’s, electrician’s, and such other tools and equipment as may be required including machines used in connection with the trades, for the purchase of material and other supplies necessa for instruction and training purposes and the construction of sud; buildings needed for vocational training in agriculture for shops, storage, and shelter of machinery as ma be necessary to carry out the provisions of section twenty-seven off the V°1'3°’°‘m‘ Act approved June third, nineteen hundred and sixteen, authorizing, in ad ition to the military training of soldiers while in the active service, means for securing an opportunity to study and receive instruction upon educational lines of such character as to increase their military efliciency and enable them to return to civil life better equipped for industrial, commercial, and general business occupations, part of this instruction to consist of vocational education either in agriculture or Prom, the mechanic arts, $250,000: Provided, however, That the Secretary of seiecgmi omgimms War may, in his discretion, in order to carry out the last provision, °°°°“t‘”°°°°l p°S°°' select one or more and not exceeding three regiments of Infantry, Cavalry, or Field Artillery to be stationed at a regimental st within the continental limits of the United States on or before Jiiilv Tmmfm 0,,,,,,,, mt first, nmeteen hundred and seventeen, and may transfer from such desiring i¤s¢r¤¢¤¤¤» regiment to other organizations any enlisted man or men who do not °t°' desu·e educational or vocational training and instruction such as is