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SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. sms. 11. oa. 143. 1918. 875 To provide for pay and allowances of officers of the National Guard M§,‘§g°§· ”Si¤¤°d *° assigned to duty in the Militia Bureau, $12,000. m°°°° To provide for pay of pro erty and disbursing officers of the sev- °e§"°P°’*Y·°*°-·¤m· ersil States, Territories, ang District of Columbia, $26,000. S` or providing arms, or nance stores, uartermaster stores cam A¤¤S· *¤ili°¤¥Y equipage, and all other militgilay supplieg for issue to the Nhtionig ;ii)<;ii¤iiii¤i$¤i§i?f$it1(”’ Guard; for the promotion of e practice, including the acquisition, construction, maintenance, and equipment of shooting galleries and suitable target ranjges; for the hire of horses and draft animals for the use of mounte troops, batteries, and wagons; for forage for the same; and for such other incidental expenses m connection with lawfully authorized enoampments, maneuvers, and field instruction as the Secretary of War mayldeem necessary; and for such other expenses pertaining to the ational Guard as are now or may hereafter be authorized by law, $650,000. '1‘ravel of officers and noncommissioned officers of the Regular wEQ'?.§°§,§f,,’§,'}§,{ Qfgf Army in carrying out the provisions of section ninety-three, Act of V°*· 3°·P·”°6~ June third, nineteen hundred and sixteen, $5,000. Travel of inspector-instructors and sergeant—instructors joining I”“'“°*°¤- at State stations for duty and returning to duty with regiments, $2,000. · _ _ Travel of inspector-instructors and sergeant-instructors in mak- "'“"°°"°"‘ ing visits of instruction and inspection to armories: Promlled, That °L¤¤i¤- said inspector-instructors traveling shall not receive more than their actual expenses out of these appropriations, $5,000. _ _ Travel of officers and noncommissioned officers of the Regular ,,J,{‘,,§_*’°°"“‘ l°“" Army in connection with State camps of instruction and joint camps, $1 000. lnspection of material to Field Artillery, Coast Artil— M"‘°"“’“'·‘P°°*‘°“· lery, and Signal Corps, in e hands of the National Guard, $500. Tmswuu su _ Transportation of supplies (including transportation of animals pueeecc. E P issued for the use of avalry, Field Artillery, Signal companies, Engineers companies, ambulance companies, and other mounted units) of the National Guard, $10,000. E t ummm Expenses of sergeant-instructors on duty with the National Guard, including quarters, fuel, light, medicines, and medical attendance, $5liii0i1 11 · b { ‘ as a ‘°°°““""° t e mone erem e ore appropriate or arming, equipping, an training the Nitional Guard shall be disbursed and accoimted for as such and for that purpose shall constitute one fund: Provided, §$'L’;,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,, That the National Guard of any State, Territory, or the District of *“N°'·*°¤°'°¤°**l~ Columbia shall include such officers and enlisted men of the staff corps and departments, corresponding to those of the Regular Army, as may be authorized by the Secretary of War. Lemzeviey pa . Lorzomvrrr PAY Fon mm: orimn THAN rum REGULAR ARMY: That Ggggigémégiqgl officers and enlisted men of the forces of the Army of the United sms mam]? ariliee States other than the Regular Army who have had service in the fi§’,I,.§’,‘i,’d,,‘}2_°' “‘“" National Guard and Organized Militia of any State, Territory, or V°l· 3% P- 211- District, but who have entered the service in the forces of the Army of the United States, otherwise than through draft imder the provisions of section one hundred and eleven of the Act of June third, nineteen hundred and sixteen, known as the national defense Act, shall be upon the same footing as to pay and allowance as the members_ of said forces who were drafted under the provisions of said SQCUOIL Arms, etc., for field Aims, Umroxms, nqwrrmnivr, arm so Foirrn, Fon rmnn smzvrcn, mma. Nerioitrar. GUARD: To procure by purchase or manufacture and issue from time to time to the National Guard upon requisition of the governors of the several States and Territories or the commanding general, National Guard of the District of Columbia, such number