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SIXTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 164. 1918. 937 For trans rtation for upils attendin schools for tubercular chil- *’°"P°" '°*’ *¤”°’°“‘ dren, $1,000},Kbr so much £ere0f as ms? ge necessary: Promkled, That mPw?¤' expenditures for car tickets from this und shall not be subject to the °“"‘°"°" general limitations on the use of car tickets covered by this Act. The children of officers and men of the United States Army and 4£i{°&ll‘{,l.{_'"°hu` Navy stationed outside of the District of Columbia shall be admitted to the public schools without prayment of tuition. Bmnnmss AND Gnounnsz or the construction and erection of ,,,?$,l§_°“"’ “”d portable schools, including necess grading, im rovements, and *’°“°*"° °°*°°"· °*°- toilet facilities, $231,000, to be availlalsle immediately. _ For additional for the erection of a foundry at the McKinley Manual ;m{j.’§‘.‘ll T “ i “‘ ” g Training School, $4,000. _ For additional for the construction of a building to furnish toilet B°'"“”‘ S°"°°l‘ facilities for the Benning School, $3,150. com um, Nd to The total cost of the sites and of the several and respective build- auumztuois. ings herein provided for, when completed u on plans and specihcations to be made previously and approved, £all not exceed the several and res ective sums of money Iherein respectively appropriated or Xuthorizeld for suclilpsurposessimu b d Bowan: mmm- PpI°O I'l8.lll0]]S in · Cla Il0l’» O al to 8Ily OD. OID.- dans, new {uuddm ploggd uiider or in connection with the publi)c schools of $sDistriet of lumbia who shall solicit or receive, or permit to be solicited or received, on any public-school premises, any subscription or donation of money or other thing o value from Bgupils enrolled insuch public schools for presentation of testimoni to school officials or or any purpose exceipt such as may be authorized 'by the board of E‘°°P°°"'· education at a state meeting upon the written recommendation of the superintendent of schools. · The plans and specifications for all buildings £·Bovided for in this P"l’“‘“""°'*"““" Act shall be repared under the supervision of munici al architect and shall) be approved by the commissioners, and shall be constructed in conformity thereto. Dom to 0 OW The school buildinngls authorized and a propriated for herein shall waraew. W be constructed with doors intended to he used as exits or entrances opening outward, and each of said buildings having an excess of ° ht rooms shall have at least four exits. Appropriations carried inoliis Act shall not be used for the maintenance o school in any building imless all outside doors thereto used as exits or entrances shall open outward and be ks-lpt unlocked every school day from one—half hour before until oneh f hour after school hours. Du, md dumb _ Commun. INSTITUTION ron ·r1-rs Dear: For expenses attending pn,. pu the instruction of deaf and dumb lpersons admitted to the Columbia R‘S‘·’°°·‘“‘·*’·°”‘ Institution for the Deaf from the istrict of Columbia, under section forty-eight hundred and sixty-four of the Revised Statutes and as V0, 31 SH provided for in the Act approved March first, nineteen hundred and '°‘ ‘ one, and under a contract to be entered into with the said institution by the commissioners, $16,000, or so much thereof as may be neces- S8.I` . ] , _ Igor maintenance and tuition of colored deaf—mutes of teachable comddwlmm age belonging to the District of Columbia, in Maryland, or some other State, under a contract to be entered mto by the commissioners, $2 000, or so much thereof as may be necessary. _ Bm ,,,,1,,,,, lfor instruction of blind children of the District of Columbia, in Mar land, or some other State, under a contract to be entered into by the commissioners, $7,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary. METROPOLITAN POLICE. P°¤°°` same. Major and superintendent, $4,000; assistant superintendent, with rank of inspector, $2,500; three `inspectors, at $2 000 each; eleven captains, at $2,000 each; chief clerk, who shall also be property clerk,