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980 six·rY-1·*1rTH coirennss. sas. II. cs. 178. 1918. °“'“”°"- nice, $723; one map tracer, §600;1:;wo gimdenersi gl; $(16440 {argl}; . our ar eners at $1 200 eac ; eig t ar eners, a , eac ; - teen gardeners: at $900 each; nineteenggardeners, at $780 each; one skille laborer, $960; two skilled laborers, at $900 each; three skilled laborers, at $840 each; one assistant m technology, $1,400; one assistant in technology, $1,380; one mechamcian, $1,080; one mechanical assistant, $1,200; one blacksmith, $900; one carpenter, $900; one pamter, $900; one teamster, $840; one teamster, $600; twenty-one laborers, at $540 each; thirty-five laborers, messengers, or messenglers, at $480 each; four laborers or charwomen, at $480 each; five aborers or messenger boys, at $420 each; twenty_charwomen, at $240 each; sixteen messenger boys, at $360 each; in all, $440,020.

 Grmnau. nxrmzsns, Burman or Pmnr Iimpsrnrz For_all necessary expenses in the investigation of fruits, fruit trees, agram, cotton,

i‘i}’“°°°’ 8”°%§“b1°¤2¤§’°“3s’ i°"1g"l;1£.’S‘§1amiZ1d‘$ ’¤{1‘i2§i’”€3}2i; , er, an o er an an , _ other branches oi) the detpartiiient, the State expeririidnt stations, p,,,,,;,.,_ _ _ and practical farmers, an for the erection of nece farm build- “'¤*"°"’°*“"’¤ ings: Provided, That thecost of any building erected shall not exceed $1,500; for held and station expenses, includingéences, drains, and other farm improvements; for refpaus in the trict of Columbia I¤*°¤¤¤°°¤‘¤»°*°· and elsenhere; forfrenn outside ¢;0thelD1s{u·1ctdof Colunib1a;t;nd for eemoentoa1nvesars,ocaan ec1a en, 1- cultural) eggrrlorers, experts, 2§erks, illustrators, Idssistailiis, andlgiill labor and other necewary expenses 111 the city of Washington and elsewhere required for the investigations, experiments, an demonstrations herein authorized, as follows: _ _ “""*‘“’°°‘°'·°‘°· _ Fol'_]IlV6Stlg8tl0DS of plant d1S9&S6S_8D.d pathological collections, ew mm including the maintenance of a_ plant—d1sease survey, $62,020; _ °'“‘°'_ d· ·· For e mvestigation of diseases of orchard and other fruits, i;$if $75,935; Provided, That $8,000 of said amount shall be available for the investigation of diseases of the pecan; °“'°'°°‘“°"· For. conducting suclrinvestigations of the nature and means of commumcation o the disease o citrus trees, known as citrus canker, and for applying such methods of eradication or control of the disease as gn the judgnient of the Secretary of Agriculture may be necessary, including e payment of such expensesand the employment of such and gtnpanalni thehc1ty_of Vlgasthéngigin End e sewherg, <>¤¤v¤¤¤v¤ ¤¤¢1=¢¤- an coopera ion wi suc authorities o e ta es concerne , “°°"°‘ organizations of growers, or individuals, as he may deem necessary uml m to ac<;¢;;pl1?hl&s;1;;h‘lptl11:·!‘poses, $250,030, and, lilnauthegdmcnéetnnn oihthe _ o ic ,noe1§pen1uress mae or ese mmm Kaurposes until a sum or sums at east equal to such expenditures shall ve been appropriated, subscribed, or contributed by State, county, Pmm or_local antlioritiogn, or by indi;)iduals(§>r'<;`1lgs1;.;n1zat1<§Ins.£ fog ge accom- No gu tmesdo. BD. 0 suc IITPOSGSZ C . no 0 6 HIODG wwxgw- herein appropriated? shall be used to pay the cosh): or value of tree}; T-¤..m.. °’§§¥°h%”£$?S¥i§.l?§§d0?'£g°2E,$8§°$& me as Ommaai trees ' and shrubs, including a study of the nature and habits of the parasitic fungi causing the c estnut-tree bark disease, the white-pine blister rust, and other epidemic tree diseases, for the purpose of discovering _ new methods of control and applying methods of eradication or www _ buster control already discovered, $83,635; _ _ _ ,,,,_ me For applying such methods of eradication or control of the white- ¤,}{5§.<;¤§1¤b¢§,<;¤ <>r ¤¤¤— pine blister rust as_i:n the judgment of the Secretary of Agriculture ° may be necessary, mcluding e dpayment of such expenses and the em(ploElient of such persons an means m the city of Washington an e where, in cooperation with such authorities of the States concerned, organizations, or ind1v1duals as he may deem necessary