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1456 _ six·1·Y-1·*11·*1·H oonennss. Sess. II. Ch. 126. 1918. m§,°°’g° D- “°K*¤· The name of George D. McKinne , late of Company K, Ninth ` ?1egimtentf§216tucky Vcgginteiair Cayaéiyé payv him a_pension at e ra e 0 er mon in eu o a 0 is no receiving. Sm"' M- B°°¤°· KThe nlgymplof §amu%M;£;one,gate of Igtolmpany D, Fimiilltegimenp entuc 0 imteer av , an pay a ension at 0 rat mmm Hmm- $40 per month in lieu of that he is now receivgg. B 0 The name of Johnson Hatfield, late of Compan _E, Thirty-ninth Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, and pay a. pension at I, , Bjwm the rate of $36 ]ier_m0nth m heu of that he is now receiving. The name of eas B. Ewan, late of Company G, S1xty-seventh Regi11;e$ Indiana Vplluntieer and pay him a pension at the rate 0 0 per mont in `eu 0 t at e is now receivin . "`“"“'°W L G'°°”‘ The name of Andrew J. Green, late of Company B, Sgeventh Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, and pay him a pension at the rate E ah C mum of $40 per month m lieu of that e is now receiving. l" ° The name of Elijah Coffman, late of Com any F, Fifteenth Regiarent ggigginia Volitilnteeiij pay him a pension at vm. era 0 rmon m euo a eisnow . w‘Ag°°' The na1ne_ of W. Agee, late of Companyr§?1’l‘nli1i§d Regintex Prazvisioiizail) Enrolledgdisslouri gdglitiaail and pay him a pension a eraeo ermon m euo a e nw " . H°""’ ““""“‘“· The name of lgenry Burcham, late of Co1ii1p;i.nymE?1T1lhi€·teenth £?.‘2i°§§tI§€‘§“¤'$2nY£l1`L“i§§$?ii."2.$.‘1’§a”.‘§`§’..}’,€’£.*&E"v,’Dgp°“Si°“ “‘ ““° S“““°U°°k‘ The name of Samuel Jack, late of Third Independent Battery, gwgzgiooliliglteeir  %¥t$e1£y]3 and pay him_a_pension at the rate of a e is now receiving. G°°'g° A' B`”‘°“‘ Tlzelgame of Gtepigxe Burggs, late A0: ?ompany F, Second Regimen assac use s 0 imteer ea l , d h' - LMB Edie. sioriih zt 131; gat? if $0 Eegimontih inVI}eK10;{1t(lhr}d§h§(§sP1§i€wiIelce?i1;)h€i]g. o e1e e,w10w0 u . `,t fC - pnagypé? ];1;‘v¢;n;)5;iS1i;s)1;1 l§:gti§nentmPepn$;5;1vadia Vo§i1te%·B((;a¥a(i§, mm_ _ _ _ e ra 0 1- mont th 1; dei;`;;§..§).?:h§]%w“, 0,. she is now receiving: Prcmded, That in th: event oiuthelllgath gf · Mary E. Edie, helpless and dependent child of said Arthur S. Edie, Mmm T. Shmmck themadditional pension herein granted shall cease and determine. 0 na1ne_of iartm T. Shadw1ck, late of Company C, Ninth Reginzertmit Prot;1s1p;;l0Enr0lled glissciuri llcgilitia, and pay him a pension Tu _ m Ow. a 0 ra o per mont in ieu 0 that 11 ·vgI,g_ Hu M P I D'l`he name of Elijah J. Farlow, late of Comp€i1.i1SynB•)jvFI:1;5§1Regimer1t e aware Volunteer Cavalry, and pay him a pension at the rate of _,,,..,,g,, ,,-_ ,,0,,,,,,, $5_<i_[per month m lieu of that he is now receivin , ¤¤¤r— e name of George Monmonier, late ol the Uni gd fglaxgyli and pay him a pension at the rate of $30 per montlri in lgdilitgi Imph Lmkm a e is now receivin . The name of Josephgiaetzkus, l t f C ‘ · West Virginia Volunteer Infant ?·a(i1dpacyIl11Ii1annZ]§}eh£hI;ita15ti€hdI1r$z]i; John H_ Dav-idS0¤_ of PGP mouth In hcu of mage is HOW ]‘9cQivi]]_g_ The name of John H. Davidson, late of Com an A El h Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infant d U ’ P y ’ event him _ ry, an mted States Navy, and pay- a_pension at the rate of $36 per month in lieu of that he is Samuel J. Hender- 0 rec81Vl¤g' SOE. Th . R.,13.§.f€“i’O$$t.S%%f$34.H1$$§?.§?’ai.“i°p?y°§§;p?’§.§’“?‘€£h Pemoik rate of $30 per month lieu of that he is now receiv-ii)1g_ n a 0 $,1.-we mma. lagghzpvéznozlgxylvigmgr fonguer widow of Denton Farmer, wuuam scan. The name of Viilliam B, can- 18,;,9 Ofgo Per mom · , m any E, Second R - mem T°Im°“°° V°hmt°°*` I¤f*’—¤t¥'Y» md Pfiyllmu 8 pension at (ig: rate of $40 per month in lieu of that he is now 8