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1358 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. sms. 11. cm. ss, ss, 94. 1918. 018. . .——-An Act Authoriz' the Postmaster General to cancel or readjust the

 scrqegnevfaggg contract of H. H. Hldggan at Kansas City, Missouri.

[mma, N0. 5.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives qéthe United H-*‘¥H°¤*¤% 0, States o America in Congress assembled, That should the ostmaster

 Generaf find as a fact that the screen-w°?on contract of H. H. Hogan,

of Kansas Cit , Missouri, was enter mto prior to the entrance of the United States into the war with Germany, and_that the prices agreed to be paid in said contract are at the present time meqmtable and unjust by reason of the increase in the cost of materials and labor em loyed in the egerlormauce of such contract, the Postmaster General) is authoriz , in his discretion, with the consent of the said H. H. Hogan and his bondsmen, to cancel the same or to readjust the terms of said contract in such manner as to relieve the contractor from the hardships being by him suffered on account of such increased costs and expenses. · Approved, March 29, 1918. ADF!] L ms- CHAP. 38.—An Act To extend the time for cutting timber on the Coconinn and __J§;%. rusym National mess, Assam. Private, 0. . [ Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rezialesentatives ey the United mS¤Ig§_1g“¤g,§,m*{)·;n¤;j States of America _·in Omtgress assembled, at the rights of the mm mmm ex- Saginaw and Mamstee Lumber Company, and 1tS successors m ‘“"’°"· interest, to cut and remove the timber rom such of the lands within the Coconino and Tusayan National Forests as were reconveyed to the United States, subject to outstanding timber-right contracts held by said com any, under the rules, regulations, and conditions imposed by Lge Secretary of the Interior at the time of said reconveyance, are hereliyoeigtended to and until the thirgiy-first day of f,L’{,‘{§f;m, mm, December, anno mim nineteen hundred and ty: Provided, mms- That said company executes and enters into an agreement with the Secretari of Agriculture to comply with such additional requirements as may e mutually agreed upon to promote forest-fire plrotection, reforestation, and orestry administration and further t at all its - rights to cut and remove timber from any lands within said National _ forests are to terminate on the thirt —first dai of December, nineteen I·*””‘°°“’¤· hundred and fifty; but this Act shall not e construed to confer upon said company any other rights in addition to those held by the company at the time of said reconveyance, and in the absence of the execution of such an agreement, this Act shall neither extend nor restrict the present rights of said company. Approved, April 1, 1918. lm 8· ’°’8· CHAP. 94.-An Act Granting ensicns and increase of pensions to certain scldi [8.3799-l . . . - . . _ €1‘B

   gzlgdoéitigles .G1v1.1 War andpcertam widows and dependent relatives of such

Be it enacted by the Senate and House c Re esentatives o the Uni reusms. States of America ·£n_0ongress assembledf Tgt the Secreiary of ttiig Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to place on the pensliion roll, subject to the provisions and limitations of the n ws— Qggiig-CmmUd_ p6'li‘Slig name of Melvina Co uillard, widow of James Coquillard late captain Company E , Seventh Regiment Michigan Volunteer Infahtry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $25 per month, the same to be paid her without deduction or rebate on account of former alleged overpayments or ermneous payments of pension.