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1482 SIXTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 136. 1918. 1>¤¤¤1¤¤. The name of Charles C. Cooper, late of Company C Twelfth Regi- Ching c` ! ° ment Pennsylvania Voltmteer Infantry, and Hospital Corps, United States Army, War with Spain, and pay him a pension at the rate of "°""°"‘°°’°°’°"’· $1Tli)8rm0m1INlli G C 'd fJhnHC lt fC ~ enameo ee . arrwiowo 0 . arr aeo om- Mma G`Cm` pdany H, Ftilfth Rhlgiment Tennessee; Volunt¢;er Infantiy, Vglar vilith exico an pay er a pension at the rate 0 $20 per mon in `eu of that’she is now receiving. · Frank rimmpm. The name of Frank Thompson, late of Company A, Twenty-second Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry, War with Spain, and pay him P _ a piehnsion at the rate of $12 per month. N?,`Z‘§”w*”°°°d'°_”s°°‘ e name of Nancy Wood, widow of Uriah Wood, late of Captain Mcglellanlgs company, Temtilgssee Mohnted Volunteegs, Ihldianfwhlrs, anpay erap s at rte $20 t ` t t Pam- at is mw'.§§T’“ ° “ ° p°’ ‘“°“ “‘ °“ ° “ H“"‘F""’°"‘ W_The name of Hans Fulson, late of Company K, Third Regiment nsconsin Volunteer Infantry, War with Spam, and pay him a penmm cmu sion at the rate of $17 per month. The name of James Gould, late of the United States Navy, Regular Eumm mms Establishment, and pay him a pension at the rate of $17 per month. ' The name of Eugene B. Justice, late of Company K, Fifty-second Regiment Itilwa. Vo uhteer Infantry,hwar with Spain, and pay him a mmm E mm pension at the rate o $12 per mont . ° The name of Wdliam E. Martin late of Troop D First R t United States Cavalry, Regular Establishment, and pay hi1ri§él•.m;o;l11- mma D_Hm”_ siorlnh at the rate} 0% F12 pg ngnth. I _e name o mer . opper ate of Com an M, El th Regiment United States Infantry, TVar with Spain, {nd payclliieiii a mmm mcmsml pension at the rate of $12 per month. ElbaA.Luve. _The name of Elba A. Love, late of Company A, Sixth Regiment Missouri Volunteer Infantry, W&I.W1Fh Spain, and pay him a pen- Mm R Kumi snohhaztlthlelragte gg $40 Bpefi monlth in hgu of hhglhi he js I§)W rsceiving. _e ary. enaaywiowo as. 11; of Captam Morgan’s company, Iowa Mounted Volunteerl?s»I?!llVlhlT·,vvl`tl(i Mexico, and pay her a pension at the rate of $25 per month in lieu §§§}f,f_€"{&,,& of chhlat she is neg iheceiggig. 1 e name o a as s, ate of Company D Forty-ninth Regiment United States Vohmteer Inf t W ith S ` md G_ Pmimm l1u'h_ha pension tatithe igtelpf $12 peai·I;mrdTnth.;Q wl pam, and pay _ e name 0 re 1. ettigrew, atc 0 m an G Thi t th Pmiwim%M· Ricgxgxgnent United States Infantry, Regular Establishment, alndieplay Gwm, ,_,,€,,h_ Th Penslflnfaé the rage of E1? per month. 6I18·m€g 0 eorge osep ', ate of Compan E Eighth Re `ment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry War with S J d g1' Emma S_ Phew pension at the rate of $12 per month in lieu of thsl)t?hIe,islli1iovg)1il§e1ivi]i11¤? The name of Emma Phelps, widow of Walter S. Phelps, late gf Company C, Battalion l\ ew Jersey Volnmteers, War with Mexico, and Pmm hlgéhrgggvlhlegsion at the rate of $20 per month in lieu of that she is 1··mu.i.¤epxa e name of Fred J. Lue ke late of the Unit d St t NI ` c0»pS,U·tdstt N ’ · ° "°S*‘*““° Pm mmm periiion .‘§`ti.f.%§.l°Sf $§@.§§§.“§?£.ESt“b“hm°“‘* md W mm “ v0x¤ey.i.1>a·¤m. e name o o nev A. P rm , l t f C0 ‘ ‘- ment Ohio Volunteer Infantgy, War 2v·il;li)Spaih1Pg~i11;dr 3%vSlli{1i1haR€l(l11- p€,,s,,,,,,_ V e10n at the rate of $40 er mo th li f y ‘ “ ·H€ william p_ W;]}iamg_ The H f . , P _ u_ 1-D- eu 0 that 119 IS DOW 1‘6CQ1‘»'1I1g. Wu witi1l1¥§);>inW1]l§am P. yVl.l.l1&IDS,_ late of the United States Navv, Fm]: A_ Smith . an pay a pension at the rate of $12 er month. The nameof FrankA Smith 1 te f C ‘ P · Pennsylvania Volunt -Inf , 3 W9 Omplmy M, Fifth Regiment pension at the rate ofegi.2 pe?Ii1iI<?iith. ml with Spam' md pay him a