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1682 PROCLAMATIONS, 1917. Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, Montana, Wyomin , Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Indiana, _Kentucky, Georgia Floriga Alabama, Mimissi fii, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, ]l`exas, Missouri, Kansas, &>orad0, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Califomia. m,§§’,';“g'n¤,§°8,§{;}g*;,,*’gg III. All persons hereby drafted shall on and from the fifth day of Army laws and resula- A@t, nineteen hundred and seventeen, stand discharlgged from the iiiilii Mm Augm 5* mihtia, and, imder the terms of section 2 of the Act of ay 18, 1917, 4*% P- 78- be subject to the laws and regulations governing the Regular Army, except as to promotions, so far as such laws and regulations are applicable to persons whose pgrmanent retention in the military service on the active or retired t is not contemplated by law. °'g°¤*““°”- IV. The members of each comfpany, battalion, regiment, brigade, division, or other organizations o the National Guard hereby drafted A t I into the military service of the Iériited Statics ithsglll be embodiedmiin

  • §·‘¤;m°¤ ° P°*· organizations corres' to ose o e e ar y. e

mm H the Mmm officers not above the) rank of colonel of said organizations of the National Guard who are drafted and whose offices are provided for in like organizations of the Regular Army, are hereby appointed oflicers in the Army of the United States in the arm, staff corps or department, and in the grades in which they now hold commission as officers of the Nationa Guard, such zppointments to be eifective, subject to acceptance, on and from the th day of August, nineteen hrmdred and seventeen, and each of them, subject to such acceptance is hereby assigned as of said date to the organization in the Army oi the United States composed of• those who were members of the organization of the National Guard in which at the time of draft he he d a commission. The noncommissioned officers of the orggrizations of the National Guard the members of which are hereby f ted are hereb appointed noncommissioned officers in their present grade in the organizations of the Army composed of said members and shall in each case have the same relative rank as heretofore; and all other enlisted men are hereby confirmed in the Arm of the United States in the grades and ratings held by them in the National Guard in all cases where such hirades and ratings corres nd to des and ratings provided for in e organizations of the Edgular iiilny, all such aplpgintments of noncommissioned officers and confirmations of other e ted men in their grades to be without prejudice to the authority of subordinate commanders in respect of promotions, reductions and changes in errlisteljliilpersonnel. djg;•;=,};°;_°' ‘°"¤°’ V. Each organization of the tary force hereby created will, imtil further orders, bear the same name and designation as the former organization of the National Guard of whose members it is composed. °¤*°¤‘°°°*5S¤°°· VI. All necessary orders for combining the organizations created by embodying therein members of the National Guard and National Guard Reserve hereby drafted into the military service of the United States into complete tactical units will be issued by the War Department. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have herermto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. DONE at the City of Washington this third da of July in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundlred and seventeen, [SEAL.] and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and forty-first. Woonnow Wrnsos By the President: Ronnnr Laxsrxc, Secretary of State.