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1696 PROCLAMATIONS, 1917. Fg’¤1:g1P’°°1°m¤**°¤ Except as hereby amended and supplemented, the above menwiiiiig, p:1691. tioned roclamation under date of August 27, 1917, shall continue in full fbrce and effect. , IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States of America to be affixed. _ Done in the District of Columbia, this 7th day of September in the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and [SEAL.] Seventeen and of the Independence of the United States of America the One Hundred and Forty-second. Woonnow Winsor: By the President, Ronnnr LANs1Ne, Secretary of State. S€P°°m‘°°*’ ’»1°*’- BY THE Pnnsmrmr or THE UNITED STATES or Anmmou. A PROCLAMATION. mgygé S*’¤P¤· me WHEREAS, Under and by virtue of an Act of Congress entitled rmmiue. "An Act to provide further for the national secur1ty and defense by encouraging the production, conserviniguthe supply, and controlling the distribution of food roducts and el," approved by the President on the 10th day ofp August, 1917, it is provided among other things as follows: $°,‘§,t}ft§T’},’§"v“i°“‘ "That, by reason of the existence of a state of war, it is essential to the national security and defense, for the successful prosecution of the war, and or the support and maintenance of the Army and Navy, to assure an adequate supply and eqmtable distribution, and to facilitate the movement, of foods, feeds, fuel, including fuel oil and natural gas, fertilizer and fertilizer ingredients, tools, utensils, implements, machinery, and e uipment required for the actual production of foods, feeds, andciuel, hereafter in this Act called necessarios; to prevent, locally or generally, scarcity, monopolization, hoarding, injurious speculation, manipulations, and private controls, a ecting such supply, distribution, and movement; and to establish and maintain governmental control of such necessaries during the war. For such purposes the instrumentalities, means, methods, wers, authorities, duties, obligations, and prohibitions hereinaiitier set forth are created, established, conferred, and prescribed. The President is authorized to make such regulations and to issue such orders as are essential effectively to carry out the provisions of this Act." AND, WHEREAS, it is further provided in said Act as follows: ·‘""""m‘ _ "That, from time to time, whenever the President shall ind 1t_essential 'to license the importation, manufacture, storage, mining, or distribution, of any necessaries, in order to carry into effect any of the purposes of this Act, and shall publicly so announce, no person shall, after date fixed in the announcement, engage m or carry on any such business specified in the announcement of importation, manufacture, storage, mining, or distribution of any necessaries as set forth in such announcement, unless he shall secure and hold a license issued pursuant to this section. The President is authorized to issue such licenses and to prescribe regulations for the issuance of licenses and requirements for systems of accounts and auditing of accounts to be kept by licensees, submission of reports by them, with or without oath or affirmation and the entry and ins ction by the President’s duly authorized agents of the places ofpbusiness of licensees/’