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PROCLAMATIONS, 1917. 1703 . WHEREAS it appears that the public §o0d,will be promoted by excluding certain areas from the ache ational Forest, in Idaho and Utah, and withdrawin a portion thereof in aid of pendingl - lation, by reserving a small tract within the areas hereby excliildlesd for townsite purposes, and by restoring the public lands subject to disposition in the remaining excluded areas in a manner authorized V0, 38 P m_ by the Act of Congress approved September thirtieth, nineteen ’ ` hundred and thirteen (38 Stat., 113), entitled "An Act To authorize the President to grovide a method for opening lands restored from reservation or wi drawal, and for other oses"; Now, therefore, I, WOODROW WH1S(lllll:g’resident of the United ¢'°‘f · States of America, by virtue of the power in me vested by the Act ` of Congress approved June fourth, eighteen hundred and ninety- seven (30 Stat., 11 at 34 and 36), entitled "A.n Act Makinglappro-· priations for sundrg-Ip-skvil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June ieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and or other purposes", do proclaim that the boundariw of the Cache National orest are here y changed to exclude the areas indicated on the diagram hereto annexed and forming a part hereof. Excluded mm in And I do also proclaim that the following escribed lands, in Idaho, rama withdrawn ru excluded from the Cache National Forest by this proclamation are ‘§§§*Q,‘} ;,,,_ hereby temporarily withdrawn until March 5 1919, m aid of pending legislation, under authorit of the Act of Congress approved Jime v,,,_3,,,p_8,,_ twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten (36 Stat., 847), as amended °t:¤¤i¤c ¤¤¤\¤¤¤¤¤· by the Act of August twenty-fourth, nineteen hundred and twelve 0, 3,, M (37 Stat., 497), to wit: The west half of section two (2) sections ’P' ' three (3), four (4), mne (9) and ten (10), township seven (7) south, range thirtyfour (34), east; and that the east half of said section two §’g”s§§*;w_ p_ M (2) within the excluded area is hereby reserved for townsite under Section Twenty-three Hundred and , to be ereafter disposed of under Section Twenty-three Hun and Eighty-one, R·S·“°°·”8‘·P·“’°· United States Revised Statutes. And I do further proclaim and make known that in my judgment ,w °,§;',",'{f_ it is proper and necessary, in the interest of equal opiportunity and mmgood administration, that the remainder of the exclude lands subject to disposition should be restored to homestead entry in advance of settlement or other forms of disposition, and pursuant to the authority reposed in me by the aforesai act of September thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, I do hereby direct and provide that such lands, subject to valid rights and the provisions of existing withdrawals, and where classifi ceded Indian lands are involved subject to the Thnn ,,,,,,,,mz_ conditions applicable to such lands, shall be opened to entry only under the provisions of the homestead laws re residence, at and after, but not before, nine o’clock a. m., standard time, December 5, 1917, and to settlement and other dislposition under any public land law applicable thereto, at and after, ut not before, nine o clock Pmmme I- ,5 0, a. m., December 12, 1917: Provided, that the rights of the State of mum mmmgea. Idaho under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved March vom, p_m_ third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three (27 Stat., 592), shall not be ’ abriilgef in so far as any of such lands are affected thereby. Unsurveye lands are not subject to the provisions of said act, but 111 the absence of a prior valid adverse right, the jxeferenceaccorded the State of Idaho thereby, where the township as been surveyed and the plat thereof filed while the lands were reserved for forestry pu.r— poses will attach immediately upon the restoration of such lands to selection and en try under the general land laws of the_United States on December 12, 1917, as herein provided, and continue for sixty days.