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1712 PROCLAMATIONS, 1917. thereof, and the District of Columbia, shall hereby have full authority for all acts done by them in the execution of this Act when acting by the direction of the Bureau of Mines/’ ,,,,{’,{*,{},'{'°°{}’,;?,;,, °§é; NOW, THEREFORE, I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the emu uamhui. United States of America, by this proclamation do announce the followin : Thai from and after the 15th da of November, 1917, and during the present war with Germany, it be unlawful to manufacture, d1s- _ tribute, store, use, or possess explosives or ingredients thereof, except as 'provided in said Act. _ _ _ mé"j“g‘{,§,*,§g’,,‘§ §m*’€,§j lhat the Director of the Bureau of Mmes -13 hereby authorized to utilize, where necessary for the proper administration of said Act,the services of all omcers of the Unite States and of the several States, Territories, de endencies, and mimicipahties thereof, and of the District of Columliia, and such other agents and agencies as he may designate, who shall have full authority for all acts done by them In the execution of the said Act when acting under his direction. IN WHEREOF, I have hereimto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be a.fHxed. Done in the District of Columbia, this twenty-sixth dag of October, in the year of our Lord One thousand Nine _ undred and [SEAL] Seventeen, and of the Inde endence of the United States of America, the One Hundred and Forty-second. Woonnow WILSON By the President, Ronmzr Laxsmo Secretary of State. N°'°¤***°*‘ Km"- Br rim Pnnsmmivr or rm: Uxrrmn Smtrns or Armmoa A PROCLAMATION. 19'g¤=·¤¤=¤¤v*¤¢ mr. It has long been the honored custom of our eople to turn in the Preamble- fruitful autumn of the year in praise and thanlgsgiving to AJ.mjg_l11ty God for His many blessings and mercies to us as a nation. at custom we can follow now even in- the midst of the tragedy of a world shaken by war and immeasurable disaster, in the midst of sorrow and great peril, because even amidst the darlmess that has gathered about us we can see the tgreat blessings God has bestowed _ upon us, blessings that are better an mere peace of mind and prosperity of enterprise. We have been given the oplportunity to serve mankind as we once served ourselves in the great ay of our Declaration of Independence by taking up arms against a tyranny that threatened to master and debase men everywhere and joining with other free peoples in demanding for all the nations of the world what we then demanded and obtained for ourselves. In this day of the revelation of our duty not only to defend our own rights as a nation but to defend also the rights of free men throughout the world, there has been vouchsafed us in full and inspiring measure the resolution and spirit of united action. We have been brou ht to one mind and urpose. A new vigor of common counsel and common action has Ibeen revealed in us. We should especially thank God that in such circumstances, in the midst of the greatest enterprise the spirits of men have ever entered upon, we have, if we but observe a reasonable and practicable economy, abundance with which to su ply the needs of those associated with us as well as our own. ig new light shines about us. The great duties of a new day awaken a new and greater national