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b,gg*§;g’* °' '°¤°*** (5) All persons, firms, corporations, and associations engaged in the ’ business o canmn peas, dried beans, corn, tomatoes, salmon or sardines not already licensed whose gross production IS more than five hundred (500) cases per annum, except home canners and bona fide boys’ and girls’ canning clubs recogmzed the Departments of ` ult f th Stat in the Unite tates; T°m¤*°P’°d¤°*’- All1ri}><=l)rson(si,S(ifi·;;.i, corpiiations and associations not already _ licensed, engaged in the business (pf manufacturing tomato soup, to t t , or other tomato pro ucts; ¤*“m¤¤*=·*Y ¤°¤°· $171) (Allapiligons, firms, corporations and associations engaged in the b f manufacturing alimentary paste; Wh€=1¢¤¤dfY¤P¤¤d· u?8I;€l\Sll0persons, jirms, corporations and associations, not already um" (licenssélk engaggd in the bligsmesir of lmarurfacturrng any products E mms. `v 1- m w eat or e xcep ing, owever, _ Rexzilm. an (1)0Retailers whrdse gross sales of food commodities do not exceed One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) per annum; Common carriers- f (2) Common carriers as to operations necessary to the business o c mmon cam e; F¤¤¤¤¤s,¤¢c.. ctw- (1;)) Farmers, agrdeners, cooperative associations of farmers or °°°“1 "”°°°°°°‘ _ gardeners, includipg livefstoclg farmersh and otltilir Iierspns witgi respectto the pro ucts o any arm gar en oro er an owne leased or cultivated by them; ’ _ ’ Issue of 1i¤•¤¤¤=· Are hereby required to secure on or before February 15, 1918, a hcense, which license will be issued under such rules and regulations governmg I the conduct of the business as may be prescribed. f _ »»»a¤¤%·‘¢»‘¢—=‘i¤¢° rrasrrazaztzzsaamtraa1s2sama:;:rami»,—$@2;*:,*:5 e o , License Division, Washington, D. C., on forms prepared by it for that purpose which may be secured on request. _ Mgmt? *0* ¤¤¤<==>¤¤· Any person, firm, co ration or association other than those here— P °°' inbefore excepted, wholslhoall engage in or carry on any business hereinbefore specified after February 15, 1918, without first securing such M", ¥’· 278- license, will be liable to the Eenalty prescribed by said Act of Confgress. IN WITNESS OF, I have hereunto set my han and caused the seal of the United States to be aiiixed. Done in the District of Columbia, this tenth day of January, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand N ine Hundred and [SEAL.] Eighteen, ailndéi tlip Inélrmzpiendgnpe of tge Unglted States of America, the e un an `ort — econ . B h P d . Woonaow Winsor: By the President: Roamvr Lansrrm, Secretary of State.

[1]By the President of the United States of America


[2]WHEREAS, certain lands within the State of Alabama have been or may be acquired by the United States under authority of the Act of Congress approved March first, nineteen hundred and eleven (Thirty-sixth Statutes at Large, page nine hundred and sixty-one), entitled "An Act To enable any State to cooperate with any other State or States, or with the United States, for the protection of the watersheds of navigable streams, and to appoint a commission for the acquisition of lands fop the purpose of conserving the navigability of navigable rivers"; and

  1. January 15,1918.
  2. Alabama National Forest, Ala.
    Vol,36, p.961.