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PROCLAMATION S, 1918. 1755 qualified to make entry under the general provisions of the homestead laws may swear to and present an application to make homestead entry for said lands, or any such person who is entitled to §{l§2‘”,,,:,L?f’f.,,'”.¥’,’;·,._,,,5' the benefits of Sections 2304, 2305 and 2307, of the Revised Statutes z’°’·P-***2 - of the United States, may iile a declaratory statement therefor. Lands designated under the enlarged homestead Act may be entered _ in quantities of 320 acres. Prior to June 1, 1918, ap hcations and B°°°"`°m°°°‘ declaratory statements must conform to present aigriciiltural classi;li— cations and no petitions for designation either un er the enlarged or the stock-raising homestead Act will be accepted. Each application to make homestead entry and each declaratory statement filed in erson must be sworn to y the aptplicant before the Regster or the lleceiver of the United States lan office at Glasgow, ontana, or before a United States Commissioner, or a judge or a clerk of a court of record residin%_lin the county in which the land is situated, or before any such officer who resides outside the county and in the land district and is nearest or most accessible to the land. The agent’s aiiidavit to each declaratory statement Hled by agent must be sworn to by the agent before one of such officers, but the power of attomey appointing the agent may at any time after the date hereof be sworn to liy the declarant before any officer in the United States having a seal and authority to administer oaths. After applications have been swom to, the must be presented to the Register and {Receiver of the Glasgow lancl7office, in person, by mail, or otherwise. No person shall be permitted to present more than one application in hrs own behalf. 2. Purchase Money, Fees and Oamm1Lssio1•s._ of the ap- “’*"'·‘P°Y¤°¤”· praised price of the land applied for must. be paid at the time of entry and a sum equal thereto must be tendered with all a phcations to make homestead entry. Such sum will also be requu·ed` with declaratory statements presented on or before April 20, 1918, and when so tendered will be disposed of as hereinafter provided. In addition, each application to make homestead entry must be accompanied by a fee of $5, if the area is less than 81 acres or $10, if 81 acres or more, and commissions at the rate of $1.50 for each 40-acre tract applied fqr; and each declaratory statement must be accompanied by a fee 0 $3. 3. Disposition of Applications. All homestead a lications and .@’,g°'*“°° °' °¤P”· declaratory statements apresented hereunder, received)l>y the Register and Receiver on or ter 9 o’clock A. M., April 8, and prior to 4:30 o’clock P. M., April 20, 1918, shall be treated as Hled simultaneously. No application will be considered that is filed before the time first state . Where there is no conflict, applications and statements presented between the dates specified, if in pro r form and accompanied by the required payments, will be allowedlw If such a plicatrons or °""“‘•’· statements conflict in whole or in part, the right of dhs respective applicants will be determined by a public drawing to be conducted by or under the supervision of the Shperintendent of nings and Salem of Indian Reservations, at the Glasgow land oHic at 10 o’clock A. M., on April 23, 1918. The names of the persons who presented the conflictingla lications or statements will be written on cards and these cards s alllpbe placed in envelopes upon which there are no distinctive or identifying marks. These envelopes shall be thoroughly and impartially mixed, and, after being mixed, shall be drawn one at a time by some disinterested person. As the envelopes are drawn the cards shall be removed, numbered beginning with number one, and fastened to the applications of the proper persons, which shall be the order in which the applications and statements seam on appliesshall be acted upon and disposed of. If a homestead application or a °°"“'