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PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. 1763 homestead laws requiring residence, at and after, but not before, nine o’c1ock a. m., standard time, May 15, 1918, and to settlement and other disposition, under any public land law applicable thereto, at and after, but not before, nine 0’clock a. m., standard time, _ May 22, 1918. Prospective applicants maly, durisg the period of F'“°¤°¤P”¤*°i°¤¤· twenty days lpreceding the date on which the and sh become subject to entry, se ection or location of the form desired under the provisions of this Proclamation, execute their applications in the manner provided by law and present the same, accomhpanied by the required payments, to the proper United States land 0 ce, in person by mail, or otherwise, and all a plications so filed, together with such as may be submitted at the lllour fixed, shall be treated as though simu - taneously filed and shall be disposed of in the manner prescribed by gxilstbrggdmgdaticépqsi Unider such regulations conflicts o equal rights ` etermin y a awing. W&I'D1H· g is hereby given that no settlement initiated prior to seven w"“*“§;,§“,§’*°‘”’ days after the date for homestead entry above named will be recog- P opunized, but all persons who go upon any of the lands to be restored hereunder and perform any act of sett ement thereon prior to nine o’clock a. m., standard time, May 22, 1918, or who are on or are occuipying any part of said lands at such hour, except those havmg vali subsistin settlement rights initiated prior to withdrawal from settlement am? since maintamed, and those having preferences to make entry under the provisions of the Act of Congress approved ‘“d‘· June eleventh, nineteen hundred and six (34 Stat., 233) entitled "An Act To provide for the entry of Aigicultural lands forest reserves", and Agtswilmendatory, will h considereél and with astres assersan gainno tswateverimersu sett1en&Bp1t {gu occupancy; Pro however, thatdnothiqg .¤E·},3,”"°°"°“’ contain s revent rsons m oin u n an over e an to examine therlfi with gcview to theiiieafger Isppro riating them in accordance herewith. Persons having prior settlgment rights or MT °°m°“‘°“‘ preferences, as above defined, will be allowed to make entry in accordance with existinglgaw and regulations. IN WITNESS WHE EOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done in the DistrictLgfdColum1l;ia thisi 2'{th Pday of Maigh, the earo our r one thousand nine undred an cig teen, [san,.] {nd of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and forty-second. W W OODBOW 1Ls0N. By the President: Roamrr Laxsmo Secretary of State. Br rim Pnasrnmrr or rm: Uxrran Sraras or Ammroa. A PROCLAMATION. . WHEREAS, by the proclamation dated December 26, 1917, ”°` taking over each and every system of transportation and the ap- mljyu purtenances thereof located wholly or in part within the boundaries PM M of the continental United States, it was provided “ that the possession, P' 1 ‘ control, operation, and utilization of such transportation systems hereby by me undertaken, shall be exercised by an through 1]ham (Z? LI{ci};:loao(iS who isdheiileby agppénltand anél d§1§1&1ted Director Genera; o aio ,"antesai "am . c ooursuanttosai proclamation entered u§on and has continued to disliharge the duties of Director General of ailroads as provided therein; an