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1816 rnoonamrious, isis. from any State, Territory, or District into any Province of the Dominion of Canada at a time when such State, Territory, or District, or Province of the Dominion of Canada prohibits the possession or transportation thereof. REGULATION 7.—TAKING OF CERTAIN MIGRATORY NONGAMZE BIRDS BY ESKIMOS AND INDIANS IN ALASKA. 1iia¤mum._ od In Alaska Eskimos and Indians may take for the use of themselves P"”l°“°S "°"'“t° and their immediate families, in any manner and at any time, and possess and transport auks, auklets, guillemots, murres, and puilins and their eggs for food, and their skins for clothing. REGULATION 8.—PERMITS TO PROPAGATE AND SELL MIGRATORY WATERFOWL. W‘**‘?'°"‘· _ 1. A rson ma take in an manner and at any time migrator P PIUQQ ¤¤-mms for waterfoirl and their eggs for pliopagatin urposes when authorized by a permit issued by the Secretary. %V§terfowl and their e so taken may be ploisessed by the permittee and may be soldgs and transported by for ropagating purposes to any person holding afpehirgnitééliued by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions 0 t r ation. ¤¤¤¤,¤¢¤-,¤f<=a¤=·¤¤¤ 2. A person authorized by a ermit issued by the Secretary ma .°i'g»°'p'l’°}g.i$`£ldb"dS°°` possess, bu , sell, and transpdlrt migratory waterfowl and theg

  • ’°“·P- *86**- increase and, eggs in any manner and at any time for propagating

purposes; and migratory waterfowl, except the birds taken under paragraph 1 of this regulation, so possessed may be killed by him m any manner except by shooting, and the unplucked carcasses and the as ucked carcasses with heads attached thereto of the birds so kill may be sold and transported by him in any manner and at any time to any person for actual consumption, or to the keeper of a hotel, resturant, or boarding house, retail dealer in meat or game, or a club, for sale or service to their patrons, who may possess _ such carcasses for actual consumption without a~permit. “"k'°'°‘°°°h‘°°' H13: Any package in wtlgph lsplcihhwatergcgvlvgl or pézrts thereof pr eir eggs are trans r s ave an cons icuous marked on the outsigg thereof the namii andy address ofpthe peg; mittee, the number of his permit, the name and address of the consxgnee, and an accurate statement of the number and kinds of _ birds or eggs contained therein. ,,,§*’"‘”’°“""'°' ’°" f·iAApp11catior% RK; permit?) méist bg addressed to the Secretary 9 g!'1C_ tm·e, as m ton, . l., an must contain the following information: Name and; address of applicant; lace where the bus; ness IS to be carried on; number of acres of land used in the business and_whether owned or leased by the ap licant; number of each species of waterfowl in possession of appllicant; names of species and number of birds or eggs of each species if permission is asked to take waterfowl or their eg ; and the particular locality where it is Rxms d desired to take such waterfdwl or eggs. rgq¤_irpd0fa;?qr1;;?g,tgng5$ 5. A person granted a ermit under this regulation shall keep books and records which shall correctly set fort the total number of each species of waterfowl and their eggs possessed on the date of aplplication for the permit and on the first day of January next fo owu§; also for the calendar year for which permit was issued the tot number of each species reared and killed, number of each species and their eggs sold and trans orted, manner in which such waterfowl and eggs were transported; name and address of each person from or to whom waterfowl and eggs were purchased or