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PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. 1847 ities, duties, obligations, and rohibitions hereinafter set forth are created, established, conferred? and prescribed. The President is authorized to make such regulations and to issue such orders as are essential effectivelysto cariiy out the provisions of this Act." AND WHERE , It is urther provided in said Act as follows: MM P· 277- ‘ ‘That from time to time, whenever the President shall find it essential to license the importation, manufacture, storage, mining, or distribution of any necessaries, in order to carry into effect any of the purposes of this Act, and shall publicly so announce, no person shall, after a date fixed in the announcement, engage in or carry on any such business specified in the announcement of importation, manuf aeture, storage, mining, or distribution of any necessaries as set forth in such announcement, unless he shall secure and hold a license issued pursuant to this section. The President is authorized to issue such icenses and to prescribe regulations for the issuance of licenses and requirements for systems of accounts and auditing of accounts to be kept by licensees, submission of reports by them, with or without oath or affirmation, and the entry and inspection b the President’s duly authorized agents of the places of business of l$icensees." AND, WHEREAS, It is essential in order to carry into effect the purposes of said Act, and in order to secure an adequate supply and equitable distribution, and to facilitate the movement, officertain necessaries hereafter in this proclamation specified, that the license powers conferred upon the resident by said Act be at this time exercised to the extent hereinafter set forth, Mm mm NOW, THEREFORE, I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the mg ¤1°`$:-Elias rmi- United States of America, by virtue of the powers conferred on me by $°“,,,,§',,$,‘?';°,‘§,§‘§3{‘ ‘°' said Act of Congress, hereby find and determine, and by this proclamation do announce, that it is essential, in order to carry into effect the purposes of said Act, to license the importation, stora e, and distribution of certain neoessaries, TO THE EXTENT H.F§REIN— AFTER SPECIFIED. All individuals, partnerships, associations, and corporations amiex iiliineig (except as exempted by said Act of Congress and except those re- “°]‘,_;"‘,§’ ,*’,§,*g°*Y°'°* quired to be licensed pursuant to my proclamation dated June 18, ` ' 1918, under said Act), engaged in the usiness of handling, buying, selling, or otherwise dealing in live or dead cattle, sheep, swine, or goats in or in connection with places, establishments, or facilities, coxnmonl known as stockyards, consisting of pens or other inclosures, and their alppurtenances, in which cattle, s eep, swine, or goats are received, hel , or kept for sale, feeding, watering, or shipment, are hereby re uired to secure licenses on or before September 19, 1918, which wal be issued under such rules and regulations verning the conduct of the business as may be prescribed under sai§l0Act. _ The Secret of Agriculture shall carry into eHect the rovisions a¤ii»`igiiiim$ sscpxxf; of said Act, aiiidi shall supervise and direct the exercise of the powers °‘A¤’*°u“*¤°- and authorit thereby given to the President, as far as the same apply to the said business, including the purchase of live or dead cattle, sheep or swine in or in connection with stockyards, as a part of the business of packing fresh, canned or cured beef, pork or mutton licensed under thelprovisions of the Proclamation of October 8, 1917, A”"· p· ”‘”· and to any and practices, procedure, and regulations applicable thereto authorized or required under the provisions of said Act, and in this behalf he shall do and perform such acts and things as ma be authorized or required of him from time to time by direction ofy the President and under such rules and regulations as may be rescribed bv the President from time to time. All departments and agencies of the Government are hereby directed to cooperate with the Secretary of Agriculture in the performance of the duties hereinbefore set forth.