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1914 PROCLAMATIONS, 1918. sideration by the said Board in accordance with the provisions of Ram. meas the Acts ¤f¤r¤¤¤¤si-. . . . . vwm. All pusons residing within the said above described tract _0f land or owning movable protperty situate thereon are hereby notified to vacate the said ltriact ohlaaéds anid tofrejmove therefrom all movable ro ert on or ore the t ay o anuary, 1919. P IKI TESTIMOIGY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand_and cruised the slealgf thetUr;ige(¢i Suites tlplsbe affiig-x3 f D be _ oneinte istrico u1niat'secon ayo ecem rm the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and [smut.] eighteen and of the Indgpendence of the United States of America the one hundr and forty-third. Woonnow WILSON By the President: FRANK L. Pour Acting Secretary of State.

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` A PROCLAMATION. cm at ng@r1°Z*i°ii WHEREAS, the Act of Congress making apprpfriations to supply urgent deficiencies m appropriations for the fisc year ending une 30, 1918, and prior Esc Odyears, on account of war expenses and for ggher pu;··poses, appt1g>vf uMarch 28, _1918 (Public—N0. 109-65th ,m,,m l ngress , contains e 0 owing provisions: itxahitgige. _ "The Preslident is sxxhthorized todacquire tl; title to the docked 1ers ware ouses arves an termin e uipment an gjciligieg 01}:bgB Hudson R§ve;1;n§v ovgncd kyltheiloiitlh Gerrman o oc om any an the am urg- erican `ne erminaly and Navigatlibn Coriplpany, two corporations of the State of New Jersey, if he sh deem it necessary for the national security and defense; Provided, That if such property can not be procured by purchase, then the President is authorized and empowered to take over for the United States the immediate possession and title thereof. If any such aplroperty shall be taken over as aforesaid, the United States sh make just compensation therefor to be determined by the President. Upon the taking over of said property by the President, as aforesaid, the title 1:0 ajl surgi gropertylsczitbaikgnfvei sh%h immediately vest in the United States: r e uri er at section three hundred and i;ifty-five of the Revised Statutes of the United States shall_ not apply to ang expenditures herein or hereafter _,,,,,,p_ lm A Tggalpcérglelclli §1\<§>nnection wit lthe prloperty acquires." ; . , pursuant to the authority vested in the Pres`— dent by said Act off Congress, approved March 28, 1918, the Presiderit by a (proclamation duly made on the _28th day of June, 1918, deter- 151111];; and declareg t at th; acquisxtiocp of titlel to the foregoing oc _ , piers ware ouses, w arves an termina e uipment an facilities wasinecessary for the natioiial security and delfense, and did thereby take over for the United States of America the immediate pcgisessipn and title tliegplof, indcludgng al; leaseholds, elasements, rn ts 0 way riparian ts an other rig ts estates t ts therein or appurtenant thereto; a more particular de·;riutiiilneSof which slaid property is set forth in the sc edule marked X hereto annexe · AND WHEREAS, guxsuant to the authoriti vested in the President by said Act of ongress, approved Marc 28, 1918, it was in