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1924 PROCLAMATION S, 1919. sion and title to the said lands, including all easements, rights of way, riparignAand foéher rights appurtenant thereto for the uses specified m said ct o on , AND WHERE§lSisSthe said Proclamation made no rovision for a right of way from the said tract to the nearest available line of railroad and subsequently to the said Proclamation, and prior to June 30, 1918, possession was taken by the Government with the consent of the owners of the necessary lands for the said right of way, under an agreement that settlement would be made_with them later; buthit has eegntiounddimpossible to reach any amicable settlement wit_ a part o e said owners, AND WHEREAS, settlement has been made with John Cadwalader for his entire tract of 8,000 acres, all of which was included in and taken over by the above Proclamation, except two narrow strips outside of the boundary line as described therein, and the said owner has refused to quit-claim to the Government his title to the ·said _ strips so as to complete the title of the Government to the said tract. ,,§,§‘{'“,§‘;,*,{§“¤§§6.§Sd,‘l;; NOW THEREFORE, in order to perfect the title of the Governgd ggriggm Ozlzmf ment to the land required for said rig t of way, and to the said striyis ` of land formerly comprising a part of the Cadwalader property, , Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America, pursuant to the authority vested in me by the said Act of Congress, do hereby order and declare that the said lands are necessary for the purposes specified in the said appropriation and I do hereb take over for the United States immediate possession of and title tlliereto, mcluding all easements, rights of way, riparian and other rights appurtenant to the said lands for use for the piuposes specified in said Act of Congress, the lands in uestion being more particularly _ described by metes and bounds aslfollowsz w,,Ig,°"‘{$ ,l§,§,,Q§h§,§f Right of way from Railroad Station at Aberdeen, Maryland, to tlgyéscriptiou Aberdeen Proving Ground. ' Beginning for the same at the Pennsylvania Railroad crossing in the town o Aberdeen, at the point where the southeast outline of the r1ght_of way of the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washin ton Railroad mtersects the center line of the road or street leading gem the business center of Aberdeen to The Aberdeen Proving Ground by way of Halls Cross Roads the said point of beginning being also the northwest corner of the lands of harles B. Osborn, an running thence, maglnetically to date, with the said outline of right of wa of tale saicg ig.;] o{1d,§nd);>loundin§0onlthe northzgst side of the land; of t e said ar es . orn; ut 31° 10’ est, for a distance of 2440 feet, more or less; thence, leaving the outline of the said right of way, and running through the lands of the said Charles B. Osborn in a southerlg and southeasterly direction, by a line curving toward the east, an following the arc of a circle whose radius is 826.86 feet, for a distance of 650.9 feet, more or less, to a point distant 110 feet southwesterly at right angles from the center line of the main track of the lately constructed railroad leadin from the above mentioned railroad to the Aberdeen Proving Ground; thence, still through the lands of Charles B. Osborn, parallel to the center line of the main track of the said railroad leading to the said Proving Ground; and 110 feet distant southwesterly at right angles therefrom; South 45° 50’ East, for a distance o 619 feet, more or less, to intersect the dividing line between the lands of Charles B. Osborn and a [parcel of land belongéévishuto Mrs. William B. Baker; thence throng _ the lands of am B. Baker, parallel to the said center line and 110 feet distant southwesterly at right angles therefrom, South 45 50 East, for a distance of 2399 feet; thence, still through the said parcel of the said Baker s land, at right a les to the said center line; North 44° 10’ East, for a distance of 7 5[Eet, to