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1930 PROCLAMATIONS, 1919. AND, WHEREAS, by virtue of the above provisions certain public announcements were made by the President from time to_ time as a result of which the importation, gianufacture, storage and distribution of certain necessaries was licens . AND, WHEREAS, a changed situation has been_ brought about by the present armistice in the war between the United States and _ German . ,,.,$§,’{§“`,}Fi‘$;E,,i:,lf,§t,l`.i NOW? THEREFORE, I, WOODROW WILSON, President of the ggggfw ¤°‘°“8°’ °°" United States of America, by virtue of the powers conferred upon me ' by said Act of Congress, hereby find and determine and y this Proclamation do announce that it is no longer essential lll order to carry into eHect the purposes of the Act that the importation, manufacture, storage or distribution of certam necessaries be subject to _ _ license, to the extent hereinafter specified. ,,,,?,},°.,i§(¥”°dl‘°°°S Licenses heretofore re uired for the importation, manufacture, storage or distribution of certain necessariiels arial hereby cancelled, effective February 1, 1919 with respect to the fo owing: .,; f§{2i "Al1 persons, firms, ccirporations or associations heretofore rel,;{,"Qg6§}’· mh 173% quired to be licensed whose license have not already been cancelled ' engaged in the business of imglgrtation, manufacturing (including milling, mixing or packing) or tributing oatmeal, rolled oats, oat Hour, corn grits, corn meal, hominy, corn Hour, starch corn syrup, glucose or raw corn Hakes, gre Hour, barley Hour, milk, cheese, near eer, or other similar cere beverages, malt, copra, [palm kernels, peanuts, oleomargarine, or butter substitutes, lar substitutes Except icipltgon geed produgits ;i1an;11i1a;1 or vegeiESblle fats or oils except utter an cotton see o · s twater ermen.

, °,l,§‘?,f,°$?‘§§1f$% All regulations issued under the said Act covering licensees so dealing in these commodities are hereby cancelled, effective February 1,

1919. u°°°°°“"°t°°°°t°d‘ This Proclamation shall in no Way affect licenses heretofore required for the importation, manufacture storage or distribution of necessziries, or regulations govermng licensees, other than as indicated a ove. INd VXITNEIIISS E/'I%JERE(§`)g, I havebhereunto set my hand and cause the se o the United States to e aiiixed. Done in the City of Paris, France, this twenty-fifth da of January, 1n_the year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and [sr·:AL.] Nineteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the One Himdred and Fvc?·ty-third. oonnow Winsor: N By the President FRANK L. Pour Acting Secretary ofState. ¥¤¤¤¤¤’ 39*9*9- BY rm: Pmcsrnruvr or Tun `UNITED Srarms. A PROCLAMATION. iiiiiiriiilii£m` WHEREAS, under and by virtue of an act of Congress entitled ·*””·P-28’- "An Act to Provide further for the National Security and Defense bly encouraging the production conservinv the supply, and controlling t e distribution of food products and 'fuel," a proved August 10, 11967, the Pregident, on the 16th day of Septemlher, 1918, made the o owing proc amations AM¢,p.1%48. "Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the powers conferred on me by said act of Congress, do hereby find and determine that it is essential, in order to assure an adequate and continuous supply of food, in