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1074 SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. GH. 285. 1920. commission or other authority to enforce the requirements of this section within such State or to regulate and control the amoimt and character of securities to be issued by any of such parties or such States are unable to agree thro h their properly constituted authorities on the services to be reiilgered or on the rates or charges of payinprgt therefc? ordon the amoungior charaplgerlpf secipitieg to be issue y any o said parties, juris ction is re y con erre u on the commission, upon complaint of any person aggrieved, upon Ithe request of any State concerned, or upon its own initiative to enforce the provisioiiis og thisdse<;tic;p, to regulate land conprol so muchhof ghe services ren ere , an o the rates an c arges 0 ayment there or as constitute interstate or fore' commerce ami) to re ate the issuance of securities by the included within thell section, and securities issued by the licensee subject to such regulations sihall be aglovged only 1gor tliplpona fide purpose of financing and conuctingt e usiness o suc `censee. ,,§,"}‘f,°‘*,,‘f,’,{’,,§‘§‘,§,’ €§§°g The administration of the provisions of this section, so far as inmsaae ccmmem. applicablei slgllll acgording teh the proceidure and piéaciigiigp aug ganre at terates,car s,an racticesor o V°*· 24· P- 37°~ companies as provildgd in the Act togiiizgulate gommerce, approved February 4, 1887, as amended, and that the parties subject to such regul%ion shall haye thehsame rights of hearing, defense, and review , as said com ames m suc cases. criyalllrii-ti$i1ts°i¤ri°1h°rl°§ In any valuation of the propert of any licensee hereunder for pur-

  • ‘““*""· poses o rate making, no value shall be claimed by the licensee or

allowed by the commission for any project or projects imder license ·‘""· P- ’°"· in excess of the value or values prescribed insection 14 hereof for the purposes of purchase by the United States, but there shall be included the cost to such licensee of the construction of the lock or locks or other aids of navigation and all other ca ital expenditures re uired by the United States, and no value shall he claimed or allowetd for the Semin dm sms rights granted by the commission or by this Act. ac., by Egan or wai Sec. 21. That when any licensee can not acquire by contract or °°“°d°¤“m· plegges an unimpipveld dam site or thi iight to use or damage the an or propertyo othersnecessarytot econstruction, maintenance, or operation of any dam, reservoir, diversion structure, or the works appurtenant or accessory thereto, in conjunction with an improvement which in the judgment of the commission is desirable an justified in the public interest for the purpose of improving or developing a waterway or waterways for the use or benefit of interstate or foreign commerce, it may acquire the same by the exercise of the right Jumdmou of mk of ernment dornam in the district court of the United States for the emitters. district in which such land or other property may be located, or m thedStat? cotugti. The practieie ag; procedure agy actiogidog proce ing or a purpose in the trict court 0 the Unit tates shall conform_ as nearly as may be with the practice and procedure _ in similar action or proceedugg in the courts of the State where the §_’;gg*,j_$%mqu,IBd_ property is situated: Bremd , That United States district courts shall only have jurisdiction of cases when the amount claimed by C _ t H_sm__m the owner of the property to be condemned exceeds $3,000. b.,y?,',§§§§,L, 3;;;,,.,,,;,, Ssc._22. That whenever the public interest requires or justihes the v¢r¤¤¤¤¤¢ gxgcutiion by this hcinsedeeincf lejontraictshfor the sale and delivery pf wer or periocs ex en ¤ eyon the date of termination of the ligense, such contracts may be entered into upon the joint approval A ml umd of the commission and 0 the public-service commission or other m_"°'° M ’ similar authority m the State in which the sale or delivery of power is made, or if_so1d or delivered in a State which has no such publicservice commission, then upon the approval of the commission, and thereafter, in the event of failure to issue a new license to the original