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s1XTY-s1X·r11 ooivennss. sm. 11. oss. ess-asv. 1920. 1077 Sec. 27. That nothing herein contained shall be construed as ,8§,§*},‘Q, g°*°·» affecting or intending to affect or in any way to interfere with the laws of the respective States relating to the control, appropriation, use, or distribution of water used in irrigation or for municipal or other uses, or any vested right acquired therein. Sec. 28. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereb expressly reserved; but no such alteration, amendment, or repealy shall affect any license theretofore issued under the provisions of this Act, or the rights of any licensee thereimder. In _ L3 Sec. 29. That all Acts or parts o Acts inconsistent with this Act pm,§'3'fS‘“°“t ""°' are hereby repealed: Provided, That nothing herein contained shall §{g"‘1’,,§gmm wm, be held or construed to modif or repeal any of the provisions of Sii\1;1>}y¤<>;r§1'¤<=tedthe Act of Con ess a roved lslecember 19, 1913, grantin certain °’38’ 4' _ sr PP . , i rights of way to the city and county of San Francisco, in the State _ of California: Provided further, That section 18 of an Act making Si§§*{f,§Y,;,§_§d?°mm“‘ appropriations for the construction, repair, and preservation o Vgé 40. 1>-¤69.r¤- certain public works on rivers and harbors, and for other purposes, pu ' approved An t 8, 1917, is hereby repealed. Tim 0, Act gmc. 30. '1'Ezii the short titleof this Act shall be "The Federal p».¢,p.iezé. Water Power Act." . Approved, June 10, 1920. CHAP. 286.-An Act Authorizing the enlistment of non-English speaking citizens ‘ and aliens. [Pu` bu‘é,"1~T2s1.1 Be it enacted by the Senate and House gllte esentattves of the A,my_ United States of America in Congress assemb , Tgbt so much of the B¤1i¤¢m¤¤¢¤- Act of Congress entitled "An Act to regulate enlistments in the Army inii°Ei?g€§tir°§iiE°g` of the United States/’ approved August 1 1894, as provides that Bnlggkodz · p· ’“*· "in time of peace no erson (except an Indian) who can not speak, i read, and write the Eiiiglish language" be, and the same is hereby repealed. Approved, June 14, 1920. CHAP. 28’7.—An Act To extend the time for the completion of the municipal Imp! iiiéi.920] ' bridge approaches, and extensions or additions thereto, by the city of Saint Louis, [Publibtiliio. 282.] within the States of Illinois and Missouri. Be it enacted by the Senate and House o Re esentatives o the United States of America in Congress assembled:. Tix the time for the con- i·ii£i¤»i§·;u°T`rm struction and completion of the munici al bridve approaches and lfgfh-2“§0,by S°‘°° also extensions or additions thereto, which said, construction and wV°*:,§*6»P·“*¢ "°*· completion was authorized by an Act entitled, "An Act to authorize p` ` the city of Saint Louis, a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Missouri, to construct a bridge across the Mississi i River, " approved June 25, 1906, be, and the same is hereby, extendiig, for the period of three years from February 11, 1921. Condemsucu ew Sec. 2. That for the éiurpose of carrying into effect the objects sumoruec. ’ " of this Act, the city of aint Louis may receive, purchase, and also acquire by lawful appropriation and condemnation in the States of Illinois and Missouri upon making proper compensation therefor, to be ascertained according to the laws of the State within which the same is located, real and personal property and rights of property, and in order to facilitate and support interstate commerce, may make any and every use of the same necessary and proper for the