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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 70. 1921. 1129 other necessary expense, $50,000· of which amount a sum not exceeding $500 may be expended by the major and superintendent of police for prevention and detection of crime, under his certificate, approved by the commissioners, and every such certificate shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the sum therein expressed to have P,,,,,,,,,_ been expended: Provakled, That the War Department may, in its Ai¤;vt·¤¤¤¤¢¤d discretion, furnish the commissioners, for use of the police, upon °q°p °°' re uisition, such wom moxmted equipment as may be required; (For Bags and halyards, $200; :;*:5; md For maintenance of motor vehicles, $20,000, or so much thereof V °°' as may be necessary; For additional motor vehicles, $5,000; Rmmmc. can For the reconstruction of cell corridors and in making, erecting, eomaesmecimg and placing therein modern locking devices in precinct station hopseii-l$7,50g; n , $97, 00. I “ Hotrsn or DETr:N·r1oN: To enable the commissioners to provide H°°°° MD ° transportation, including purchase and maintenance of necessary horses, wagons, and hamess, and a suitable place for the reception, transportation, and detention of children aunder seventeen dyears of age, and, in the discretion of the commissioners, of girls an women over seventeen years of e, arrested by the police on charge of offense against any law inagorce in the District of Columbia, or held as witnesses, or held pendinisfinal investigation or examination, or otherwise, including two cler , at $1,000 each; two drivers, at $780 each; attendants—one $1,200, four at $1,080 each; cook, $600; laundress, $500· janitor $720; miscellaneous expenses, including clinic supplies, food, upkeep and repair of building, fuel, gas, ice, laundry, supplies, and eqiripment, electricity, maintenanceof motor station vehicle, and other necessary expenses, $20,320; in all, $31,220, or so much thereof as may be necessary. HAEnon 1>ATnoL: Two engineers, at $1,000 each; two firemen, at H°""°‘P“"°‘· $660 each; watchman, $660; two deck hands, at $660 each; in all, $5,300; For fuel, construction, maintenance, repairs, and incidentals, $3,500; In all, $8,800. POLICEMEN AND FIREMEN’S RELIEF FUND. ,,§§’§‘f’°"· °‘°·· "* To pay the relief and other allowances authorized by law, a sum giliiliriiiiiiisiib not to exceed $258,000 is appropriated from the policemen and firemen`s relief fund. POLICEMEN AND FIREMEN. §’.§’."°"“‘°“ “"‘ ""* Officers and members of the fire and police departments of the m:i>if}fZ$°°°°dit°d District of Columbia who were granted leave of absence to serve in the military and naval forces of the United States during the World War and who were honorably discharged and returned to their employment in said departments shall be entitled to credit for classriication and pay purposes as though such services had been rendered in said departments. FIRE DEPARTMENT. “‘° "°*’°""‘°°‘* Chief en eer, $4,000; two deputy chief engineers, at $3,000 each; Sm"' eight battgn chief engineers, at $2,400 each; fire marshal, $2,400; deputy fire marshal, $2,000; four inspectors, at $1,660 each; chief clerk, $2,400; clerk, $1,400; clerk (who shall be a stenographer and 4428l°—2l;73