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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 8. 1919. 109 necessary expenses connected with the sale or disposal of surplus or obsolete aeronautical equgpment, includingl the hire of civilian emglpyees, and the rental of uildings, and other facilities for the han- `ng or storage of such equipment; for the services of such consulting <><>¤¤¤1¤¤s¢¤si¤¤>¤=· engéivneers at experimental stations of the Air Service as the Secretary of ar maly deem necessary, including necessary traveling expenses: Provided, hat the entire expenditures for the services of consulting §_’{g$°•· engineers for the fiscal (year 1920 shall not exceed $100,000 ; purchase Special appmms, of s ecial apparatus an appliances, repairs, and replacements of same °°°· used in connection with special scientific medical research in the Air _ _ Service; for the establishment of aviation stations in the Philippine th§Y#}§i§’,§‘p,§‘,*;,‘;Y‘°“"“ Islands, including the lease of land or any interest in land for landing delds only and the preparation of land now owned by the Government necessary to make the same suitable for the purpose intended, buildings, heating, lighting, (plumbing, water, sewer, roads, and walks, at a D. H t total cost not to excee $350,000; in all, $25,000,000: Prolmkied, That pm§§}$,$?$t§? P va ° claims not exceedin $250 in amount for damages to persons and private property resdlting from the o eration of aircraft at home and abroad, may be settled out of the funds appropriated hereunder, when each claim is substantiated by a survey report of a board of officers appointed by the commanding officer of the nearest aviation post, and I H approved by the Director of Air Service: Prcnrkledfurther, That claims mé§iZ°¤iiiiit,.i°i Su ° so settled and paid from the sum hereby a propriated shall not exceed in the aggregate the sum of $150,000: grounded further, That here- ,,,jQ§§.’§‘}“,,§’,°,{fg§,E§‘g,,{,‘§fj after actual and necessary e nses only, not to exceed $8 per day, <>¤¤*=¤>¤v¤- shall be paid to officers of {Eg Army and contract surgeons when traveling by air on duty without troops under competent orders: rmeamis. And pro·m}ded further, That section 3648, Revised Statutes, shall not R‘S‘*’°°‘3“8·*""8‘ apply to subscriptions for fore` and professional newspapers and periodicals to be paid for from a propriation. The Secretary of War is hereby authorized and directed to establish S,,,°§§,‘{&'f I"' ""““°" and maintain at one or more established dying schools courses of instruction for aviation students. H in md t Aviation students shall be enlisted in or appointed to the ade of esadsiiec. ° gum dying cadet, Air Service, which grade is hereby established: "'°*?’°· T at the total number of dyin cadets shall not at any time exceed L”'“°°° ““"“’°" one thousand three hundred. The base pay of a dying cadet shall be P°y’°t°‘ $75 per_month, including extra pay for dying risk as rovided by law. The ration allowance of a dying cadet shall not exceed) $1 per day, and his other allowances shall be those of a private, first class, Air Service. Upon completion of a course prescribed for dying cadets, each dying c_,‘;`g”;,‘§j@;’{,§_’;1,‘Qm‘ cadet, if he so desire, mgyi be discharged and commissioned as a ` second lieutenant in the .cers’ Reserve Corps: Provided, That the §{g’§""· . . . . . barges. Secretary of War is authorized to discharge at an time any dyxn cadet w cse discharge shall have been recommended by a board 0% not less than three officers. PROVOST MARSHAL GENERAUS OFFICE. COMPL1·:T1oN, Pnnsnuvarron, Am; Tnsxsronrxrxox or THE RECORDS. °‘ That not to exceed $3,500,000 of the unexpended balances on June ngiiuliinsdiggghligé 3Q, _ 1919, of the appropriations "R.egistration and Selection for ‘°'§,-f,{‘§”g,“’;§j an 1027 Mlhtary SGYVWG, fisc year 1919," contained in the Army Appropria·· Pm, pb. smséi. ' tion Act for 1919, approved Jul 9, 1918, and the Deficiency Appropriaticn Act for 1919, approved §0VBI!1l)€l' 4, 1918, are reappropnated and made available for the dscal year 1920, for all expenses necess for thecompletien, preservation, and transportation of the recoiig P¤1`i·¤ the draft under the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the? ttcine¤easetemporarilythelfilitary&tab!is!unmt·of