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1288 SIXTY-SIXTH cosennss. sen. III. on. 124. 1921. designated by the President, to siauland patents, $1,200;_seven copyists; classified laborer, $1,140; s ed laborer, $840; multigraph operator, $900; assistant multigraplh operator, $720; typewriter repairer, $900; two telephone switc board operators; chauffeurs— ¤¤¤¤¤¤8¤=·¤*°~ one $1,080, ten at $720 each; ten messengers; seven assistant messengers; twenty-two laborers; skilled mechamcs—one $900, one $720; two carpenters, at $900 each; plumber, $900; electrician, $1,000; gardener, $600; messenger boys———one $540, one $420; Bye packers, at $660 each; two elevator conductors, at $720 each; eight female W¤°d¤¤¤¤·°*°· laborers, at $400 each; captains of the watch—one $1,200, one $840; lieutenants of the watc ——one $1,020, Bve at $840 each; three sergeants of the watch at $750 each; sixty-six watchmen; engineer, cms tosign mw $1,200; assistant engineer, $1,000; seven Bremen; clerk to sivn, °°°‘”’"°‘ under the direction of the Secretary, in his name and for him approval of all tribal deeds to allottees and deeds for town lots made and executed according to law for any of the Five Civilized Tribes _ of Indians in the Indian Territory, $1,200; in all, $317,830. ,,,§‘f‘°° °m°° Bmw General Land Omce Building: Engineer and electrician, $1,600; P°¤¤“¤¤*°’°°· two assistant engineers, at $1,000 eac ; four Bremen; three lieutenants of the watch, at $840 each; twenty watchmen; elevator conductor, $720; fourteen laborers; three skilled mechanics (painter, D ,,,,,,,8,;, 0,,,,,, carlpenter, and plnumber), at $900 each; in all, $36,060. buggiuemmm uilding for tenor Department offices, care and maintenance: pm Assistant superintendent, $2,000; clerk of class two; foreman of laborers, $1,000· two assistant foremen of laborers, at $900 each; laborers—sixty—Bvc at $660 each, forty-Bve at $600 each, sixteen at $540 each; seventeen female laborers at $400 each; sixteen charwomen; engineer, $1,200; two assistant engineers, at $1,000 each; nine Bremen; general machinist, $1,500; automobile mechanic, $1,400; electrician, $1,400; substation operators—three at $1,200 each, three assistants at $900 each; two wiremen, at $1,000 each; two electricians helpers, at $720 each; painters—one $1,000, one $900; carpenters—chief $1,320, two at $900 each; cabinetmaker, $900; plumber, $1,400; two assistant plumbers, at $1,000 each; two plumbers’ helpers, at $840 each; thirteen elevator conductors, at $720 each; janitor, $600; eighteen watchmen; copyist; four messe ers; two §§gt;.g1(t messengers; three messenger oys at $420 ealdi; in all, . } ' S°l’°"°'°’ °m°°‘ Omuon or Somcxroa: Three members of a board of appeals, to be appointed by the Secretary of the Interior, at $4,000 each; assistant attorneys——one $3,000, two at $2,750 each, four at $2,500 each, seven at $2,250 each eleven at $2,000 each; medical expert, $2,000; clerks—one of class four, six of class three (one of whom shall act as stenographer and one of whom shall be a stenographer and typewmter), three of class two, one of class one; copyist; messenger; _ _ three assistant messengers; in all, $90,950. §§§°,’,’g{;;,%fg§§f’· For-_per diem in lieu of subsistence of two s ecial inspectors, while traveling on duty, at not exceeding $4, and for actual necessary expenses of transportation (including temporary emplo ent of stenograghers, typ9W1'lf€l`S, other assistance outside ozxtllie District of olumbia, and for incidental expenditures necessary to the ernment conduct of exammations), to be expended under the direc- Inspectors tion of the Secretary of the Interior, $4,500, SUbSlStEIlCb,ét0. · FOI PGY d.lBH1 at_ DOE BX(?B9d]_Hg 1]] lieu Of Subsistence to Six inspectors and while remaining at the seat of government under or ers of the Secretary not to exceed twenty days, transportation and sleep1ng—car fare, incidental expenses of negotiation, inspection, Gum, md Omg and investigation, including telegraplnng, $12,8[)()_ · _ _ Gnnnnxr. LAND_OFFICEZ Comimssioner, $5,000- assistant commissioner, $3,500; chief clerk, $3,000; chief law clerk, $2,500; two law clerks, at $2,200 each; three law examiners of surveyors general and