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Secreta of the Interior ma prescribe: Provided, however, That until P'°""°’ . the samrg shall be leased an; Indian being the head of a family and Cmiotdommucusa having rights on the said reservation may take coal from an of the lands within the same for his own domestic use: And provvkiedifurther, bj;‘,§,‘;,‘;";},0‘;)§,¥g§}§if)§ if;] That at the expiration of fifty years from the date of approva of this dividvalallomes after Act the coal, oil, gas, or other mineral deposits upon or beneath the 5°y°m° surface of said allotted or anted lands shall become the property of the individual allottee or his heirs, but the right is reserved to Congress to extend the period within which such reserved tribal rights shall expire.

Sec. 7. That sections sixteen and thirty-six of each township, being ls{g1Iiiigfssc¢io¤s nonirrivable and not occupied or heretofore selected for allotment by ¤“m*°d*°· any Indian except such lands in lieu of which the State has heretofore received indemnit under existing laws, are hereby granted to the State of Montana firnr school purposes: Provided, however, That for any £{§§"'{§;,dS go, ,1. lands thereof lost to the State by allotment, withdrawal, or otherwise ‘°"°°°°· under the provisions of this Act, the State may throu h its proper officeis select as indemnity other unoccupied unreserved nonmineral and nonirrigable lands within such reservation, not exceeding two sections in any one township:Pr0vided further, That all such selections ,,,ff,‘;,'f‘P*°‘*°“ °‘ ’°*°°‘ b the State must be completed within one year after the approval oi? this Act, and be made with the view to preventing any final conflict between the claims of the State and the allotments and withdrawals _ provided for herein: And promkled further, That the United States Pn°° ‘°"°°d°` shall pa to the Indians of the reservation the sum of $5 an acre for _ the land; thus granted to the State: And provided further, That all the p,‘}g{‘{'5°§ '§H,'},°{?'§ children, being descendants of Indians entitled to rights on said reser- °°'*°°*S· vation, shall be rmitted to attend the public schools of said State on the same congaion as the children of white citizens of said State. A pmprmm M

Sec. 8. That there is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the laudg granted to nm- Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $170,000, or so much t°““' thereof as may be necessary, to ay for the lands granted to the State _ , of Montana; and there is hereby appropriated the further sum of .,,A§{’§e°§’"§}'°§,¤§§’§ $50,000, or so much thereof as may lie required, to be immediatel r rei °“°m¤8·°°°· available, to be used in paying the expenses of making the rolh classifications, and allotments hereunder, and such further allotment surveys as are necessary, and in defraying the expenses of the survey, R appraisement, and sales of the town sites provided for, the said ,.,,..§‘§§§Q"§'§{f§,,, .,,K°“‘ $50,000 to be reimbursable from the proceeds of the town-site sales or from other tribal funds available or that may become available for such purpose.

Approved, March 3, 1921.

March 3, 1921, [H. J. Res 382.] 
[Pub. Res., No. 64.]
Chap. 136.—Joint Resolution Declaring that certain Acts of Congress, joint resolutions, and proclamations shall be construed as if the war had ended and the present or existing emergency expired.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, War with Germany.That in the interpretation of any provision relating to the duration or date of the Termination of, construed as affecting legislation contingent upon existence of, etc.termination of the present war or of the present or existing emergency, meaning thereby the war between the Imperial German Government and the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Government and the Government and people of the United States, in any Acts of Congress, joint resolutions, or proclamations of the President containing provisions contingent upon the duration or the date of the termination of such war or of such present or existing emergency, the date when this resolution becomes effective shall be construed and treated as the date of the termination of the war or of the present or existing emergency,