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126 srxtrr-srxrrr oononnss. sm. 1. cs. 8. 1919. _ test to be open to the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and the National Guard or Organized Militia. of the several States, Territories, and of the District of Columbia, members of rifle clubs, and civilians, and for the cost of the trophy, prizes, and medals heremlprovided for, and for the promotion of rifle practice throughout the mted States, National B¤¤!d for includ` the reimbursement of necessary expenses of members of the iI;',§§‘{Q2f’° °‘ Rm Natioxllif Board for the Promotion of Rifle ractice, to be_ expended for the ose hereinbefore rescribed under the direction of the ecre ary ar, , . S t Puo‘lPVV $10 000 P dé';g}¤¤¤¤¤ wma AUTOMATIC MACHINE Rxruzs.

¤”*¤¤‘¤°· For the purchase, manufacture, test, repair, and_ maintenance of

’ automatic machine rifles, or other automatic or semiautomatic guns, including their mounts, sights, and equipments, and the machmery necessa for their manufacture $1,000,000. ry ) Armored 111¤:¤1·¤m. Anmomzn Moron CA;as. mP¤rcha¤¤¤.¤¤¤¤f¤¤— For the purchase, manufacture, test, repair, and maintenance of °'°°°' armored motor cars, to remain available until the end of the fiscal year 1920, $500,000. National Guam. NATIONAL GUARD. An¤i¤z,¤¢¤. Aaumo, EQUIPPING, AND TRAINING mn NA·r10NAL GUARD. Animas. Purchase of animals for mounted units, $1,000,000. range. Procurement of for e, bed , and so forth, for animals $1 000 ooo ag ’ cm,¤e¤. milonfpensation of help for care of materiel, animals, and equipment, 250 000. ¥¤¤¤‘¤¢**°¤ °°mP¤- lilxpenses, camps of instruction, $4,000,000. se.-qc. mmm l1r Expsnses, selected officers and enlisted men, military service s"“°“°°‘ schoo , $39,000. v • · l · “£§°°¤*» mime Bw $1ga)y)0and allowances, officers, National Guard, Militia Bureau, “§;f°P°”Y· °‘°·» °‘“‘ $4§1;y:)0of property and disbursing officers for the United States, Bq§j;*;1§j,{,,B§gfP°“°$· $5g};pr6gi£)al expenses, equipment and instruction, National Guard, ’{*=·*°'» *`°**°¤** °’“· Travel of Federal officers and noncommissioned officers makin in· COL. . g spections, $25,000. _ _ Travel of Federal officers and noncommissioned officers changing stations $5 000. _ Travel of,Federal officers and noncommissioned officers on visits of instruction, $30,000. _Travel of Federal officers and noncommissioned officers connected wigh camtps of piestmcgion, $10é)f)0b0 ,,,,,,,0 _,,,,,,,,,,_ nspec ion 0 arge ran es 5 _ . time C Insp;;t101})0f material, lgwld .·i1‘t1llery, Coast Artillery, and Signal o s 50 . jramspening s11p· 'lli-ahspbrtation of supplies, $200,000. "’¥§g,,m,,,_,,,,,,.,,,,t,,,,_ Egienses, sergeant-instructors, $50,000. O ce rent, inspector-instructors, $0 000. Gini .1: z<¤¤1¤11¤1 Pay of National Guard (Armory drill), $5,000,000: Provided, That jfma all the moneys herembefore appropriated for the arming, equipping, Accwirmg. and traming of the National uar shall be disbursed and accounted ¤·1~» C1 f°l1—?$"‘é"°°1“d‘ fW -11 1. 1. .1 0 s ¤¤ 'equiplg g ecre ary 0 ar is are y authorize to issue fro t liaise? mm Um' on hand and purchased for the United States Arm suclisastliilegoxll clothing and equipment matériel as may be neededy by the National