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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 12, 13. 1919. 159 pu]i·p0ses," approved June 27, 1918, be hereby amended to read as 0 ows: "Sr·:o. 2. That evergldperson enlisted, enrolled, drafted, inducted, saiiiiiiiiiiiirxiilidriieti or appointed in the `tary or naval forces of the United States, P°’S°¤¤· including members of training camps authorized by law, who, since April 7, 1917, has resigtried or has been dischar ed or furloughed therefrom under honora le conditions, having a ésability incurred, increased, or aggravated while a member 0 such forces, or later developing a drsability traceable in the opinion of the board to service with such forces, and Who, in the <}pinion of the Federal E£,`g,{,0‘{{37°g°?§?°ml Board for Vocational Education, is in need 0 vocational rehabilitation to overcome the handicap of such disability, shall be furnished by the said board, where vocational rehabilitation is feasible, such cours?1 of vocational rehabilitation as the board shall prescribe and rovr e. P "The board shall have the power, and it shall be its duty, to fur·nish ,,,§°§§,’Y°“ °° b° hi"' the ersons included in this section suitable courses 0 vocational rehabilitation, to be prescribed and provided by the board; and every person electinlg to follow such a course of vocational rehabilita- M tion s all, while fo owing the same, be paid monthly by the said {0, ,‘§§‘§§,I,?§,¤§,?g{,'f‘?f,f§ board from the appropriation hereinafter provided such sum as in °"‘°P°¤°°¤*°· the judgment of the said board is necessary for his maintenance and support and for the maintenance and support of persons deplend- p,.,,,,;,.,_ ing upon him, if any: Provided, however, That in no event sha the *,£*j*';'}*;¤02°{{°"°d~ sum so paid such person while pursuing such course be more than ' $80 per month for a single man without dependents, or for a man with dependents $100 per month plus the several sums prescribed as V1 Am 10 family allowances under section 204 of Article II of the War Risk °° 4°’°p' ’° ' Insurance Act. Dmmty mmm "N0 compensation under Article HI of the Act entitled ‘An Act ¤¤J>¤,r¤<1¤<r 612 to amend an Act entitled "Au Act to authorize the establishment ° 4°'pp'4°6’ ' of a Bureau of War Risk Insurance in the Treasmy De ar·tment,"’ approved October 6, 1917, shall be p)aid for the period dpuring which any such person is being furnished y said board a course of voca- mm. tional rehabilitation and support as herein authorized: Provided, ,,,",§{{ ‘“’ however, That in the event any person pursuin a course of vocational rehabilitation is entitled under said Arti<§e III to compensatron in an amount in excess of the payments made to him b the said board for his sripport and the sup ort of his de endents, any, the Bureau of War isk Insurance shall pay monthliy to such person such additional amount as may be necessary to equal the total compensation due under said Article III of said Act. A rm, " here IS hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury p.L°:°§p. 1%; ms, of the United States not otherwise appropriated, available imme· “°‘·“”°· diately and until expended, the sum of $6,000,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to be used by the Federal Board for Vocational Education for the purpose of making the payments prescribed by gis section and for defraying the administrative expenses incident ereto.’ Approved, July 11, 1919. %yu,1¤r¤. CHAP. 13.-An Act To authorize the county of Luzerne, Statepf Pe11¤SYlYl¤i8» B· 2‘*°·] ioconstructabridgeauumthe Susquehanna River from the pownshrp of Coufngbnllm [Pubns, N0,12.] county of Luzerne, Pennsylvania, to the borough of Shrckslnnny, county of uzemer Pennsylvania. ‘ Be ii enacted the Senate and House o Re esentertives of the UTI/{Wd g,,,,,,,,;,,m,,Rm,-_ States of Ameri;] in O gag a.g.¢embled,fTha1l;rthe county of Luzerne, ,,_L¤§·—¤¤;·md;>e·j·¤¢v» State of Pennsylvaniazng and it is hereby, authorized to construct, ' mamtain, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto across the