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182 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 24. 1919. necessary expenses, and not exceeding $5,500 for drawings and illus- R _ tc trations for publications, $300,000; _ _ °"°"’*° ‘ For repairs of buildings, shops, and sheds, mcluding all necessary labor an material $10,000; B°°ks’°t°' For purchase of, books, pamphlets, and periodicals for reference, $2 000· P°st°g°' lior postage stan;/ps and foreign postal cards, $500; hmm, Zw,0g,m, In a , National useum, $387 ,500. _ rin;. National Zoological Park: For roads, walks, bridges, water supply, E‘p°’“°S‘ sewerage, and drainage; gradingnplanting, and otherwise improvmg E{l%SiS?L`$‘éZT” §$3l1‘§§i,’“L,,.i°‘Z$£§‘.`§0F5§lfi{§g2f“”§ia‘§.‘2}§,$“§ZZ2.iL§Z§¢ employees; incidental expenses not otherwise provided for, including urcliase, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles require lbr official p oses not exceedin $100 for the purchase of necessary MP . ¤ g . , f Hm mm DEW, books and periodicals, and exclusive of architect s ees or compensarmuues. tion, $115,000; one half of which sum shall be lpaid from the revenues of flip Distréct of Columbia and the other ha from the Treasury of , , the nited tates. Tm O° TARIFF COMMISSION. pgiglm ° n d °X' For salaries and expenses of the United States TariH Commission, inclpsdizg ge purchaséa of pgéespginal and scientific books, lavghbooksi _ _ boo 0 r erence an peri `c asmay enecessary asau orize l;_‘;;v?°’ "‘ 7% Title VII of the Act entitled "An Apt to increase the revepjue, |·80. il nisuaamgenem. an or other oses , approved Septem er 8, 1916, $300,000: rovided, That theudisbursing clerk of the Treasury Department shall act in a similar capacity for the United States Tariff Commission. War Department. WAR DEPARTMENT. Annorles and aramans. Ammnms Am: ABSENALS. B°"‘°‘°; °*‘“'· santa aseaai, Bases., caisromaz For hospital and dispensary building, $20,000. Y"“‘““°'d· P"‘ Frankford Arsenal, hiladelphia, Pennsylvania: For extension and expa.ns.on of heating mains, $40 000; For construction of roads, railroad sidings, and other facilities to improve transportaétiop, $5i0,000;$15 000 or drinking-wa er oun ams, , · For one set of double quarters for, noncommissioned officers, $12,000; In all $117,000. __ H°¤°'u’°· H“"'°“· Honolulu, Hawaii, Ordnance Depot: For one black-powder magazine $8,000; For additional roads, $5,000; In all, $13,000. _ _ R°°k “’“°d’ m‘ geek Island Arsenpl, §tocékugland, Illinois: or construction o si ew , $10,000; For road_and sidewalk repairs, $15,000; For repairs to cormces, gables, and slate roofs on shops, $15,000; For maintenance and operation of power plant, $20,000; B"***€°°’y°°°· For o erating, repair and preservation of Rock Island bridges and viadiicté and maintenance and repair of the arsenal street connectin the ridges $30,000; In ali, $00,000. ’ SP"*°€*‘°‘*’·¥“5· Springfield Arsenal, Springfield, Massachusetts: The unexpended $,$i¥’,‘j,f°,§fiE§‘§§Y”‘ balance of the appropriation of $200,000 "for enlarging the boiler room at the water shops, and so forth, contained m the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1919, is made available for the improvement of the electric power plant.