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286 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cus. 60, 61. 1919. amended by the addition of the following paragraph at the end of May ingest in ,,. sub%ar?,|raph 2 of the first paragraph, after the word "pomessions": Pm °°’P¤¤¤°¤¤· " n January 1, 1921, any national banking association, without regard to the amount of its capital and surplus, may file application cmdmm with the Federal Reserve Board for permission, u on such conditions and under such regulations as may be prescribed by said board to mvest an amount not exceeding in the aggregate 5 per centum of its paid—in capital and surplus in the stock 0 one or more corporations chartered or incorporated under the laws of the United States or of any State thereof and, regardless of its location, principally engaged in such phases of international or foreign financia operations as may be necessary to facilitate the export o goods, wares, or merchandise from the United States or any of its it-ipendencies or insular posses- PL%",§g,,,_ sions to any foreign country: Provid , however, That in no event shall the total investments authorized by this section by any one national bank exceed 10 per centum of its ca ital and surplus. ’ ¤L’,‘§¥},‘“°d,§§d_°PP“°°‘ Sec. 2. That p _ p 2 of said section be amended y adding u;'_<:a°d39» r· 755. after the word ‘ ," in line three, the words "or financial/’ ' so that the sentence read: “Such application shall specify the name and capital of the banking association filing it, the powers applied for, and the place or places where the banking or financial operations 'plroposed are to be carried on." !¤*,¤;1¤;,£g;= 4** W- Sec. 3. at paragraph 3 of said section be amended by striking agian as, 'p. rss. out the words "subparagraph 2 of the first paragraph of this section" "“‘°“°°°‘ inseirting in lieu thereo the word " above/’ so that the paragraph rea : T° °°"“’"°u°" "Every national banking association o erating foreign branches Tomnm Bw, shall be recgluired to furnish information cdhcerning the condition of such branc es to the Comptroller of the Currency upon demand, and every member bank investing in the capital stock of banks or corporations described_above shall be required to furnish information concerm§0the condition of such banks or corporations to the Federal Reserve ard upon demand, and the Federal Reserve Board may order special examinations of the said branches, banks, or corporations at such time or times as it may deem best." Approved, September 17, 1919. S°p*‘}§{b2‘§`2gj 1°1°‘ CHAP. 81.-An Act To provide necessary commissioned personnel for the Army

 until June 30, 1920.

Be it enacted by the Senate and Hm1se3fRe esentatives of the United Amy. States of America in Congress assemble , Tgt until June 30, 1920, ,,*,$';;,'},$,¥,’,‘};’§§‘f,‘§,‘{?Q§ the Secretary of War is authorized and directed to maintain such ¤f¤¤¤¤ ¤¤=¤1 J¤¤¤ 30» commissioned personnel in addition to the officers of the permanent m°' establishment and to retain at their temporary grades such officers of the Regular Army as in his judgment may be necessary for . the pro r performance of the functions of the Military Esta lishs'5Z°e`iili¤. ment: Igiomded, That additional omcers so maintained shall be selected, so far as practicable, from officers and enlisted men who served during the emergfélicy and are a plicants for appointments in xmdmum ¤““b°’· the permanent establis ent: Provided) further, That after October 31, 1919, the total number of commissioned officers exclusive of retired officers and disabled emergpncy officers awaiting discharge upon completion of treatment foiip ysical reconstruction, shall at no D¤¤*g.g{¤;¤*¤ °¤*· time exceed eighteen thousand: resided further, That no eiiicer on °°m°s I ° ° the active list shall be detailed for recruitingx service or for duty at schools and colleges, not including schools of the service, where omcers 0,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,1 ,0, on the retired list can be secure who are competent for such duty: <¤¤¤>i¤*>*- And provided further, That hereafter officers retired for physical dis-