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330 SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 93. 1919. etgjlf)-l: ?.w’ ormcn or AUDITOR FOR STATE AND orumr DEPARTMENTS. °_;°°“*°”**‘ °mP‘°>" For_ additional employees from November 1, 1919, to June 30, 1920, inclusive, at annual rates of compensation as follows: Clerks-— one of class four, two of class three, two of class two; in all, $5,200.02. ?°F’°"“*¤ ““" nunmu or rmenavme AND rrrriwrmo Pnnting Bureau. ' m·'{{,*,§’,‘.§e°§’f" "°‘ “The limitation for the Hscal year 1919 as to the number of delivered 23240. P-641- sheets of United States currency, national-bank notes, and Federal ’ P` ““ reserve currency is increased from 129,000,000 to 130,715,269. cG¤mptr¤11¤r nl the OFFICE OF COMPTROLLER OF THE OURBENGY. Addmcml money National currency (reimbursable): For ten money cormters at the °°“°°°"' rate of $1,000 each per annum from November 1, 1919, to June 30, 1920, inclusive, $6,666.70. I¤d¤¤¤¤<*·¤* ’i‘¤¤¤· INDEPENDENT Tnmsunx. WY. °¤¤“¤=¤¤*¤¤P¤¤¤¤¤·. Contingent expenses: For contingent expenses of the Independent Treasury, including the same objects spec ed under this head in the Sundry Civil Appropriation Act for the fiscal year 1919, $40,000. Internal revenue. i INTERNAL REVENUE. w***“§°¤_; D·°· Authority is anted for the expenditure of $4 020 from the approt{,R°¤¤¥.t;0 °° mum priation for "Cg>rllecting the war revenue, iiscal’year 1920 " for the ° ’°°m*‘ rental of quarters in the District of Columbia for a branch office of the coHector of mternal revenue for the district of Maryland.

  • ’¤**“° ”¤”*“¤¤*- runmc nmwrues.

°P¢¤*¥¤¤ ¤¤¤P¤=¤- OperatmE' v supplies: For operating su plies for public buil ` including the sarne objects stpleciiied under this head in the Sun , Civrl Appropnation Act for e fiscal year 1919, $157,406._11. “}§;_¥§” wd P’°$°" Repairs and ruplreservationz The rovision for- the limitation of Augvqanpe rm gm? $16,000 for the easury _Treasury Xnnex, Arlington, Liberty Loan, {',{’,§m§€d°i'°gs’ ‘ “Butler, Winder, and Auditors Buildings in the District of Co umbia, A”’*· 1’· **8- expendable from the appropriation of $800,000 contamed m the Suudry C1v1l Act approve uly 19, 1919 is hereby extended so that not exceeding $21,000 may be expended ior repairs to those buildings. ”°¤¤* °”"°· N·°· Mount Olive, North Carolina, post office; For contmuatmn (site), _ $2,800. _ _ §`i2€',l§Yi{K*T°"“‘ Nashville, Tennessee, rent of buildings; For additional for rent of temporary quarters for the accommodation of Government officials, and mov1ng expenses incident thereto, $3,000. _ _ gggwgé F-· I- Newport, Rhode Island, rent of buildings; For additional for rent ' of temporary guartcrs for the accommodation of Government ofiicials, and mofrmgvexpenses inc1dent thereto, $1,B§00. ha f b lkh ad €=·P·= .€h¤**$· V¤·· Ca e es, irgima quarantine station: or w r , u e °“f??$`é¤i»‘»ii°s‘°°'°°' brealgvater, and dredging of channel, $125,000: Pmvakied, That all b“*’°"“‘°° °’ "°’k‘ work author1zedin t s paragraph shall be lplcrformed under the supervision and direction o the Supervising Arc tect of the Treasury. SRM S<¢¤"i¢¢ DM sncmsr srznvrcn DIVISION. sion. Su¤r>r:¤~$i¤&¢¤u¤¢¢*· Sup ranging counterfeiting and other crimes: For eXpe11SeS inf°nmg’ w` eurredp under the authority or the araprpval of the Secretary of the Treasury in detectmg, arresting, and elrvering into the custody