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SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cris. 112, 113. 1919. 357 the Army for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1919, approved July 9, 1918," be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as iiollowsz "AR·ncr.n 112. Errncrs or Dsonasnn PERSONS—-DISPOSFPION WEE? °‘ °°°°”°° 01-,-In case of the death of any person subject to military law the Digggael by Nmcommanding officer of the place of command will permit the legal m°}i»i¢,§»l°§>iir' representative or widow of the deceased, if present, to take possession o all his effects then in camp or quarters, and if no le al representative or widow be present the command` officer shalidirect a sum- Mum 0, mary court to secure all such effects; aliid said summary court shall court. mmm have authority to collect and receive any debts due decedent’s estate Dismbuucntos by local debtors; and as soon as practicable after the collection of iiied ki¤,¤tc·,¢hr¤i¤ih such effects said summary court shall transmit such effects, and any Q“”“’"“°"°°' C°"’°' money collected, through the Quartermaster Department, at Government expense, to the widow or legal representative of the deceased, 1,,,,,,,,,}, ,0 Mm if such be found by said court, or to the son, daughter, father, ro- ¤¤ri¤¢¤d· vided the father has not abandoned the support of his family, mother, brother, sister, or the next of kin in the order named, if such be found ly said court or the beneficiary named in the will of the decease , if such be found by said court, and said co1u·t shall thereupon make to the War Department a full report of its transactions; hmmm to Am but if there be none of the persons hereinabove named, or such rsons aim for we mgm or their addresses are not known to or readil ascertainable by said §"'igt.,{Z: § "° court, and the said court shall so iind, said, summary court shall have authorit to convert into cash, by public or private sale, not earlier than thirty days after the death of the deceased, all effects of deceased except sabers, insignia, decorations, medals, watches, trinkets, manuscripts, and other articles valuable chiefly as keepsakes; and as soon as practicable after converting such effects mto cash said summary court shall deposit with the proper officer, to be designated in regulations, any cash belonging to decedent’s estate, and shall transmit a receipt for such deposits, any will or other papers of value belonging to the deceased, any sabers, msignia, decorations, medals, watches, trinkets, manuscripts, and other articles valuable chiefly as keepsakes, together with an inventory of the effects secured b said summary court, and a full account of its transactions to the Vgar Department for transmission to the Auditor for the War Department for action as authorized by law in the settlement of accounts of deceased officers andenlisted men of the Army. Sowm, Hom b_ "The rovisions of this article shall be applicable to inmates of the mm dyingntoutsidc United dlzates Soldiers’ Home who die in any United States military $,,"§‘,{,_ "°"’“" “" hospital outside of the District of Columbia where sent from the home for treatment." Approved, November 19, 1919. Nvvsmhu 1919. CHAP. 118.--An Act To transfer the tract of land known asthe Lighthoum Reiter- vation at North Point, Maarland, from the jurisdiction of the Department of Commerce [huh, N•. ss.] to the jurisdiction of the ar Department. Be it enacted the Senate and House 0 Re esentatives of the 1,,,,,,, ,_ United States of in Congress 'giiat the following- described tract of land situated at North Pomt, , now under hand to wa the control and `urisdiction of the Department _ Commerce, and mpumm. known as the Lighthouse Reservation, at North Point, Mggland, be, and the same hereb is, transferred to and placed under e control and jurisdiction of the War Department for use for purposes: mum;-L Beginning at a post new set m the ground north, eighty-two degrees east, one and a quarter perches from the center of a stump, and north sixty-five degrees west, fourteen perches from a large black oak tree