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402 SIXTY—SIX'ITH. CONGRESS,. Sess. II. »Cris.i6l;62. 1920. F°bF§{’?12]mm' 61.—An_Act To amend an Act entitled; f$An Act to. for the lading

 or imlading of vegels at night, the preliminary entry, of ve¤e¥;rdi1d_ for other purposes," approved February 13, 1911. “I.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House 2fRepresentative8 of the·Un·ited

;,,,d ,,,,1,,,,. States of America in Congress assem led, That section 5 of an

fg ~‘¤¤¤ 8* ¤¤=¤*· Act entitled "An Act to provide for the lading or unlading of vessels v¤u¤,p.¤o1,mea1- at night, the preliminary entry of- vessels, and for other purp0ses," °“· praproved February 13, 1911, be, and is hereby, amended to read as 0 ows: $63, gb`}: mi°ev$. “Sec. 5. That the Secretary of the Treasury shall fix a reasonable 2.”.l°t.;ii‘2',{‘§'g,°‘ ""“‘ rate of extra compensation for overtime services of inspectors; storekeepegg, weigheirs, and other gustoms officetiils gid emplpyees yvhlc; ma require toremamon ut ‘ ,een e ourso veococ posimeridian and eight o’clock ysintemeridian, or on Sunda or olidays, to perform services in connection with the lading or of cargo, or the. lading of cargo or merchandise for transgrtation in bond or for QXP°rtation in bend or for exportation wi benefit ·d1;a¤c¤sm’ burma of drawback or~1n connection with the receiving or delivery of cargo °°‘ on or from the wharf, or in connectionwith the unladinggreceiving, R,,,,;,,.,,,,,d_ or exammation of passer:1gers’ baggage, such rates to be ed on the basis of one-half day’s a ditional pay for each`two hours or fraction thereof of at least one hour that the overtime extends beyond `five o’clock postmeridian (but not to exceed two and one-half days’ for the period from five o’cl0ck postmeridian to eight o’cIld?:K brmmtvpcwmu antemer1d1an),_and two additional days’ pa for Szmday or holiday ’“'“""' ‘ duty. The said extra compensation shall be paid by the master, ovlsiner, agenhl or conpignee of such vess}el or othder conveyance w enever su spocia icense- or ermit or imme `ate ladinv or unlading or for ladinti or unlading aiinight or on Sundays or holidays shall be granted to e collector of customs, who shall pay the same to the several customs officers and emtployees entitled thereto accord- §',';,"'g°,,Q,,,,,,°,,,,,g mg to the rates fixed therefor by e Secretary of the Treasury: rercazy. Promded, That such extra compensation shall be paid if such officers or emplgoyegs thlaveah been orilprsd to report for duty and have so c params omom. reports ,_w e er e actua a in , unladin , receivm delive , or ¤§e;s.'”" Mmm eigminatioéi takes plzge or nfgt. éilstoms oébc;-ng actiii as boalrydtglng 0 cers an any cus ms 0 cer w 0 ma es` ated for at Exm my it smh purpose by the collector of customs are heryeby authigeized to adminaces at mgm, sm. nster the oath or aiiirmation herein provided for, and such boarding oflicefs shall lip allowedsexga compinilagzion for tslprvices in boardligg vessesa n1g toron un aysor o` a at crates rescri by the Secretary of the Treasury as hereihsprovided, the Said extra svoring nm or compensation to bygkpaid by the master, owner, agent, or consignce

  • ’°“ °° °°"“°‘· "°· of such vessel: Pr ed farther, That in those ports where customary

working hours are other than those hereinabove mentioned the Collector of Customs is vested with authority to regulate the hours of customs employees_s0 as to agree with prevailing working hours in said ports, but nothing contained in this proviso shall be construed in any manner to affect or alter the length of a working day for customs employees or the overtime pay herein iixed." Approved, February 7, 1920. F°bm°r’ 7'-mm CHAP. 82.-An Act To authorize the inco ‘

 issue binds for the construction and equipmrialgiagid lillgli iblimlgibg

Be it enacted the Senate and House o Re esentatioes 0 the United gégggmaiaazksér States of Ameftzyca in Congress assembied, p'ii'hat the irilmpemted m,,,,,u,,,,,,,,_ town of Ketchikan, Alaska, is hereby authorized and empowered to