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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 75. 1920. 423 any funds which are now or mpay hereafter be placed in the Treasury _ to the credit of said_ Indians: rovided, That such sums shall be ex- ir,i$$i°.Y§me¤¢ or inpended nmder the d1rection of the Secretary of the Interior in such ‘“°’”»°°°· manner and at such times and places as he may deem proper, and in the em loyment of Indian labor as far as possible for the construction of said}-highway. _ For the reconstruction of the irrigation project for the Laguna h°$€$t§1`$iiii¤°i°¤::r- Pueblo, and for the operation and maintenance of the system, "g*`*”*°¤ P*°i°°¤*°*· $10,000, reimbursable by the Indians benefited, under such rules and regplations as the Secretary of the Interior may prescribe. P bl In _ or continuing the sinking of wells on Pueblo Indian land to s1li°ira{°g vgéinliim., provide water for domestic and stock purposes, and for building ‘°‘· tanks, troughs, pipe lines, and other necemary structures for the utilization of suc water, $15,000. Mmmm For road and bridge construction on the Mescalero Indian Reser- arm. ° _ °` vation, in New Mexico, including the purchase of material, equip- ,,,,§,‘{“,{’,§,,,§‘§,’f’ b“"g° ment, and supplies; the employment 0 labor; and the cost of sur- Ramsmemem. veys, plans, and estimates, if necessary, $15,000, to be reimbmsed from any funds of the Indians of said reservation now or hereafter ,,,,,,,3,, on deposit in the Treasury of the United States: Provided, That lndianiabor. Indian labor shall be employed as far as practicable. R,0 Gum, vane _ To enable the Secretary of the Interior to prrovide for the drainage mggulggc or Puabio of Pueblo Indian land in the Rio Grande alley New Mexico, m dm connection with operations for the drainage of lands in white ownership, $6,500, the total cost of draming the_Ind1an land not to exceed $130,000; reimbursable in accordance Wltll rules an ations P _ _ which the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe: P ° ed, That c¢i£?i1°ii2»¤¤. the Secretary of the Interior shall enter into arrangements with the proposed drainage district, or other body which may be organized to carry on the work, only after he shall be satisied that the plans for the work are adequate for the purpose intended; and that, should it appear to him at any time that construction work is not being carried out in accordance with approved lans, he may withhol payment of any sums due until suc work dhall have been corrected. N For the pure ase of land for the Navajo Tribes, $100,000, to remain 1»»iiii°d::é emma mr. available until used and to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, reimbursable to the United States from R°”'*"“'°°'°°” any funds now or hereafter placed in the Treasury to the credit of the Navajo Indians, and to remain a charge and lien u on the lands ,,,,,,,,,,,_ and funds of said tribe of Indians until paid: Provndied, That not Grvinzlandsleaees. exceeding $10,000 of the appropriatwn may be used in the discretion of the Secretary of the nterior in leasing grazing lands for the benefit of the said Indians. NEW 'New York. . . 11 . Sec. 14. For fulfilling treaties with Senecas of New York: For §§iFy·“z permanent annuity ui lieu of Interest on stock (Act of February 19, °' ’p' 1831% $6¤0OO' . . . Six Nations. For fulfilling treaties with Six Nations of New York: For per- $¤i1¤}l_i¢Y· 46* manent annuity, in clothing and other useful articles (article 6, °` ’p° treaty of November 11, 1794), $4,500. Nonrn or-monma. *°“"°"°‘“‘°· Cherokee School. Sec. 15. For suplport and education of one hundred and sixty Indian pupils at the Indian school at Cherokee, North Carolina, including pay of superintendent, $37,800; for general repairs and improvements, $10,000; in all, $47,800.