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440 SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 85. 1920. est will be subserved thereby, in lieu of the provision herein contamed requiring continuous operation of the mme or mmes, provide in the lease for the payment of an annual advance royalty upon a minimum S mm 0,0 m_ number of tons of coal, which in no case sh ate less than the a¤¤?i°¥» mn1¤¤¤xi° amount of rentals herein provided for: Pr _ {urther, _'l`hat the Secretary of the Interior may permit suspension 0 _ operation under such lease for not to exceed six months at any one time when market _ , conditions are such that the lease can not be operated except at a loss. mi'“a"§Q°i0ij°E’§}3ZSi?§ Sec. 8. 'That in order to provide for the supply of strictly local “*’» “'“h°“* '°Y°“°>'· domestic needs for fuel, the Secretary of the Interior may, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe in advance, issue hmited licenses or permits to individuals or associations of mdividuals to prospect for, mine, and take for their use but not for sale coal from the public lands without Epayment of royalty for the coal mmed or Pmim the liind occupied, on uc conditions not inconsistent with this Act ¢¤rp¤r¤£i°¤sexc1m- as in his opinion will safeguard the public interests: Provided, That °‘*Mm to mmdmm this privilege shall not extend to any corporations: Provtdeztiifurther, aes mr Mmmm use That in the case of municipal corporations the Secretary of e Inte- ”m‘°°‘ P'°°*‘ rior ma issue such limite license or permit, for not to exceed three hundred and twenty acres for a municipality of less than one hundred thousand population, and not to exceed one thousand two hundred and eighty acres for a municiplality of not less than one hundred thousand and not more than one undred and fifty thousand population; and not to exceed two thousand five hundred and sixty acres for a municipalitplpf one hundred and fifty thousand population or more, the land to selected within the State wherein the municipal applicant may be located, upon condition that such municipal corporations will mine the coal therein under proper conditions and dispose of the mowed hmm 0, same without profit to residents of such municipality for household otherleases. use: And promdedfurther, That the acquisition or holdi of a lease ‘ under the preceding sections of 'this Act shall be no bar tdlltghe holding of such tract or operation of such mine under said limited license. P¤¤¤¤¤¤t¤¤¤1>¤¤i¤- rnosrmrns. uii'éi»°°·i¤lii¤¥l¤ii)¤ri;ied or Sec. 9. That the Secretary of the Interior is hereb authorized to lease to any apgphcant qualified under this Act an lyands belo ` to the Ilmted tates containing deposits of phosphates, under such restrictions and upon such terms as are herein specified, throu h gzlyertisemtintz cpmpetitive bpdding, orl suchlother methods as the retary 0 e ntenor may enera re u ation ado t. Exim °m°°' Sec. 10. That each lease shall is for noi? to exceed tiivo thousand mmm M sup five hundred and sixty acres of land to be described by the legal subways. divisions of the public land surveys, if surveyed; if unsurveyed, to be surveyed by the Government at the expense of the applicant for lease, in accordance with rules and regulations rescribed by the Secretary of the Interior and the lands leased shall) be conformed to and taken_ in accordance with the legal subdivisions of such survey; deposits made to cover expense 0 surveys shall be deemed appropriated for that purpose; and any excess deposits shall be repaid to Promo. the person, asociation, or corporation making such deposits or their rom ozimxamg. lega representatives: Prmndcd, That the land embraced in any one lease shall be in compact form, the length of which shall not exceed R°y&,m,0b°spm_ two and one half times its _ _ uedmznalusa Sec. 11. That for the pI'1V1lBgB of mimng or extractin the phosphates or phosphate rock covered by the lease the lessee simall pay to the United States such royalties as ma be specified in the lease which shall be fixedbv the Secretary ofy the Interior in advance 0f offering the same, which shall be not less than 2 per centum of the gross Ammmtm out ut value of the output of phosphates or phosphate rock at the mine, P ‘ due and payable at the end of each third month succeeding that of