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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Crrs.100, 101. 1920. 531 Sec. 3. ’l‘hat the Secretary of War is also hereby authorized and '1`°*°Ph°¤° Su Pm directed to transfer to the Department of Agriculture, for the use of s2iiiZ"°d t° §°l°°t the Forest Service, such tele hone sup lies pertaining to the Military Establishment which have liieen found) to e surplus and no longer required for military purposes and are needed for the present use of the said service. _ Sec. 4. That freight charges incurred in the transfer of the property F““¥*** °"”¤°$· °°°~ provided for in this Act shall not be defrayed by the War Department, and if the War De artment shall loa any of said property for shipment the ex ense ofp said loadinlgl shall be reimbursed the War Department by tihe department to w 'ch the property is transferred by an ad'ustment of the a propriations of the two departments: _ Provided, however, That any State receiving any of said property for §Kf{§°‘,,, W,. ,0, use in the improvement of public highways shall, as to the property {gy? *¤°¤*’¤¤ W it receives, pay to the Department of Agriculture the amount of 20 ger centum of the estimated value of said property, as fixed by the ecretary of Agriculture or under his direction, against which sum d,§,'§f{"* °""g°$ ‘°"* the said State may set off all freight charges paid y it on the shipment of said pro erty, not to exceed, however, said 20 per centum. stm me to W Sec. 5. That &e title to said vehicles and equipment shall be and mens, ae. remain vested in the State for use in the improvement of the public highways, and no such vehicles and equipment in serviceable condition shall be sold or the title to the same transferred to any in- P E dividual, company; or corporation; Provided, That anylState highway Rami' mr- public department to w `ch is assigned motor—propelled ve 'cles and other “"""'°"· equipment and supplies, transferred herein to the Department of Agriculture, may, in ICS discretion, arrange for the use of such vehicles and equipment, for the piu·pose of constructing or maintaining public highways, with any State agency or munici al corporation at a fair rental which shall not be less than the cost of) maintenance and repair of said vehicles and equipment. Pmmbmu 0 V Sec. 6. That the provisions of the Act of July 16, 1914 (Thirty- use exphnditurhis mi; eighth Statutes, page 454), prohibiting the expenditure of appro- §’,lj,§“§ _ °“""°" priations by any of the executive departments or other Government V0!-38»l>·¤°¤· establishments for the maintenance, repair, or operation of motorpropelled or horse—drawn passenger-carryin vehicles in the absence of specific statutory authority, shall not apply to vehicles transferred, or hereafter to be transferre , by the Secretary of War to the Department of Agriculture for the use of the Department under the pro- v,,;_m,,,_ mr visions of t is Act, or under the provisions of section 7 of the Act of F February 28, 1919, referred to in section 1 hereof: Provided, however, sans it sms, em., That nothing in this Act contained shall be held or construed to “°j§j'£$°§·"}55_ modify, amend, or repeal the provisions of the last proviso under the item entitled ‘ ‘Contingencies of the Arm ," as contained in the Act entitled ‘ ‘An Act making appropriations for the support of the Army for the fiscal year ending Jpune 30, 1920, and for other urposes/’ approved July 11, 1919, except as to direction for the transfper of them articles enumerated in section 2 hereof. Approved, March 15, 1920. QKAP. 101.-A.n Act To amend section 98 of an Act entitled "An Act to codify, FGVISG, and amend the laws relating to the judiciary," approved March 3, 1911, BS amended. Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re eaerdativea of the United _ States of America in Congress asserrtbledi- Tgt section 98 of tm Act Unmdsmm