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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 142, 143. 1920. _ 553 CHAP. 142.-An Act For the relief of occupants and claimants of unsurveyed Agril rs, public land in township eight north of range two west of Salt Lake meridian, Utah. Be it enacted by the Senate and Hmwijgf Representatives of the United 1,,,,,,,, ,,m,,,_ States of America in Congress assemb , That on the surve of any nesgemgégfg areas 0 public land in sections ten, fifteen, twenty-two, andy twenty- iniitsii. seven, in township eight north ran e two west of the Salt Lake base and meridian, in the State of Utain, which may be found to have been erroneously omitted from the omcial survey, plat of which is now on file in the General Land Office, the Commissioner of the Holdings 0, ,m,_ General Igand Offi<;e1be,danil lzgdis herelfly, authorized tvpllizause such D¤¤¤¢¤b¤S¤¤¤s¤¤¤d· areas to e survey an at in suc a manner as segregate aha fveral holdings of ghe Ibona fide occupants of such areas as shown t eir occu ation an im rovements. B ri ySec. 2. Thgt under suchliules and regulations as the Secretary of u¤iii°ii$ii»¤i¤pag¤iiZ.°' Ebel Inflerior shall prescrilga alilliuch bona fidih occupant;) as sthall have a a verse essron y ves or 611‘ gran rs or seven years prior toptihég approval of the plat of survey provided for herein shall have a. preferr right at any time wrthm srx months after the approval of such plat of survgy to purchase at the rate of $2.50 per acre the lands so occupied an improved in such parcels as the same are so held arg by each of them, not to exceed in any one case one un an srxt acres. - Sec. 3. That in lieu oféany portion of such areas which may be mi'ai°S°n¤l°'lniiai»i¤°il§ found to lie within the limits of a grant to any raih·oad company °°$;’;_“::“P_ 1% and to have been for the period of seven years mentioned in the preceding section in the possession of a bona fide occupant or occupants claiming otherwise than through such company, such railroad company shall be entitled to select other lands in accordance with the terms and restrictions of the Act of Congress approved June 22, 1874: p,,,,,i,,,,_ Provvkled, That the land described in one certam patent of the United c,,§§,'°°,§,§g’,§{:g{,*’°},,}",,’;§ States dated September 16, 1884, to the Central Pacific Railroad 1>¤¤r¤¤¤¤r¤¤d· Company as (lot ve offthe ny:irthwest_quarte}1;§f setitgipn fifgeen of the towns rp an ran e a oresar , contamm t t - e an nineteen one-hundredths agres, shall not form tie basis for any such lieu selection; but the survey hereinbefore provided for shall be so made as to identify sand tract; and title to said tract is hereby confirmed in said railway company and its grantees. Approved, April 15, 1920. CHAP. 143.-An Act Authorizing and directing the transfer approximately of ten Ag`? acres of land to Rural High School District Numbered One, Lapwai, Idaho. [E(iE1ic, No. 178.] Be 22 enacted Zia] the Senate and House oi Re esentatilves of the United States of merwa an Congress ass , 'llliat the Secretary pgpcmiyrglmob of_ the Interior rs hereb§ authorized and directed to convey to Rural n,dm§·ima°§is§{.Y°H giigllx glue, Lapwai, Nez Perce County, *°“°*‘°°"“*"*°‘· o, e o wing escn an : Beginning at a pomt which is thirty feet west, one hundred thirteen D°°°mi°° and sixttenths feet south, and six hundred ninety-six feet south, eighty-six degrees six minutes west of the northeast corner of lot twentyseven, section two, township thirty-five north, range four, West Boise meridian, which is the northwest corner of the present Lapwar School §;·ounds· thence south eighty-six degrees six minutes, west four hun ed eighty-three feet; thence south forty degrees twenty mmutes, east even hundred sevent -four feet; thence north forty-three degrees fifty-four minutes, east fiire hundred ninety-eight feet; thenie riorth tt;) ltrhundi-ed sirgiy-four feet go southeast p01'?;1‘ presen_ sc oo groun ; ence sou -six agrees six mrnu west six hundred ninety-six feet to scfrigtlligest corner present school 442s1°—-21-37