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viii LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. Page hunks 0 Con ess to General Pershin and American Expeditlcnuzry Forces. Joint Resolution Ten- T déiing tghre thanks of the Amergican people and the Congress of the United Statesto General John J. Pershing, and to the officers an men of the American Expeditionary Forces. Sep- 291 t mber 29. 1919 -. - ... Ambassgdor, Belgium. Joint Resolution Authorizing the appointment of an ambassador to Belgium. September 29, 1919 . . . . . 291 Bnklge, Minnesota River. An Act Granting the consent of the Congress to the county of Hennepin, m the State of Minnesota. to construct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Minnesota River. October 10, 1919 .. . _ .. _ .. 2 91 Bridge, Tennessee River. An Act To revive andreenact the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the Cincinnati, New Orleans and Texas Pacuic Railway Company to rebuild andreconstruct, maintain, and operate a bridge across the Tennessee River near Chattanooga. m Hamilton County, in the State of Tennessee/’ approved April 5, 1916. October 13. 1919 292 Camp A. A. Humphreys, Va. Joint Resolution Authonzing the Secretary of War to expend certain sums appropriated for the supgirt of the Army for the Hscal years ending Jime 30, 1919, and Jung 30, 1920, at Cam: A. A. umghreys, Virginia. October 14, 1919. . . 292 Alaska railroad; extension. An ct To amen an Act of Congress approved March 12, _1914. anthorizing the President oi the United States to locate, construct, and operate railroads m the Territory of Alaska., and for other purposes. October 18, 1919 . _ .. . . 293 Publak lands, Nevada, underground water mpfly. An Act To encourage the reclamation of certam arid lands in the State of Nevada, an for other purposes. October 22, 1919. . 293 Colorado nots, 1914, losses. An Act For the payment of claims for loss of private property on account of the loss of iirearms and ammunition taken by the United States troops during the labor strikes in the State of Colorado in 1914. October 22, 1919 . . - -: . . . 295 National banks, loam and indebtedness. An Act To amend sections 5200 and 5202 of the Revised Statrges of the United States as amended by Acts of June 22, 1906, and September 24, 1918. 9 Octo er 22, 1919 .. . ..96 Food control and District of Columbia rents. An Act To amend an Act entitled "An Act to provide further for the national security and defense b encouraging the production, conserving the supply, and controlling the distribution of god products and fuel," approved August 10, 1917, and to regulate rents in the District of Columbia. October 22, 1919 . 297 Umkm Pacific Railroad Omnpemy. An Act Authorizing the Union Pacific Railroad Comgany, or its suggesors, to convey for public-road purposes certain parts of its right of way. ctober 22, 19 . 304 Steam vessels, Shipping Board. An Act Extending the provisions for the regulation of steam vessels to vesels owned or operated by the United States Shipping Board, and for other purposes. October 25, 1919 .. . .g .. , .., 305 National Prohibdion Act. An Act To prohibit mtoxicating beverages, and to regulate the mallufacture, production, use, and sale of high—proof spirits for other than bevera pmposes, and to insure an amlple supply of alcohol and promote its use in scientific researcine and in the development of fue , dye, and other lawful industries. October 28, 1919 ..,.,,,..,,,,,,,,. 305 Postal service, insular An Act To imgirove the administration of the postal service in the Territory o Hawaii, in Porto Rico an the Virgin Islands. October 28, 1919 .. 323 Bniige, Red River. An Act Granting the consent of Congress to the Paris-Hugo Bridge Company to construct a bridge and approaches thereto smoss Red River, near Arthur City, Lamar County, Texas. October 28, 1919 . ...,..,,,.,,_.__,_ , ,,___ 324 Idaho and Payette Natiortal Forests. An Act Adding certain lands to the Idaho National Forest and the Payette National Forest, in the State of Idaho. October 29, 1919 . ._,,,,,,_,_ 324 Motor vehicle thefts. An Act To punish the transportation of stolen motor vehicles in interstate or foreign commerce. October 29, 1919 . ...,,..,,,,,, , _____________ 324 Cotton crop condition report. _ Joint Resolution Authorizing and directing the Secretary of Agriaitluirgotolgigmre and issue a supplementary report on the condition of the cotton crop. Ocer , . ... . ... 325 Publk lamb, Florida faulty mrveys. An Act To authorize the Secretary of the Interior toadjust disputes or claims by entrymen, selectors, grantees, and patentees of the United States against the United States and between each other, arising from faulty surve s in townships twenty- niue south, range twenty-eight east; also in townships thirty-six, thirty-seven, and thirty- eight south, ranges twenty-nine and thirty east, Tallahassee meridian, in the State of Florida, and for other purposes, October 31, 1919 ,,,,,,__,,,_,_,,__,,,_,,,, , _,_,,, _ ,____,,__ 325 Reclamation projects, town site school lands. An Act Granting lands for school purposes in Govern- _ ment town sites on reclamation projects. October 31, 1919. . . . .. 326 Fast Dejmeneg pprzprtazitm Aot, 1.919. An Act Maldng appropriations to supply deficiencies in appropriations or the fiscal year ending June 30, 920, and prior Bscal years, and for other purposes. Lovember 4, 1919 _,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,_..,.,,,,,,,,,_. - ,,,,, , ,,__,,,_,_ 327 Forest Grove, Oregon., Indian lands. An Act Authorizing the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to transfer fractional block 6, of Naylofs addition, Forest Grove, Oregon, to the United States of iénggeriiéza., for the use of the Bureau oi Entomology, Department of Agriculture. November Citixnahip, Indian. soldiers. An Act Granting citizenship to certain Indians. November 6;,. Postal service, imzreased pay, 192Q. Joint Resolution To provide a,d<liLional compensation for employees of the _Posta1 Service and making an appropriation therefor. November 7, 1919 350 Barzgkok, Siam, Iegatzon. premises. An Act Providing tgr the exchanve oi certain lecation buildin . - . , Q ,.¤ , 85 z;.nd9ggou.ncls owned by the Government of the United States in Bangkokpxam. November .. . A 352