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SIXTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Srss. II. Ch. 227. 1920. 79]. All persons who give evidence before a court—ma.rtial shall be " "“— examined on oath or affirmation in the followin form: "You swear (or afHrm) that the evidence {pu shall give in the case now in hearing shall be the truth, the w ole truth, and nothing but the truth. S0 help you God." Every reporter of the proceedings of a court-martial shall, before “°*’°'°°*· enteringYupon his duties, make oath or afiirmation in the following form: " ou swear (or affirm) that you will faithfully perform the duties of reporter to this court. So help you God." Every interpreter in the trial of any case before a cou.rt·martial I“‘°"’°"°’· shall, before entering upon his duties, make oath or affirmation in the following form: ‘You swear (or affirm) that you will truly interpret in the case now in hearing. S0 help you God." In cgse of aflirmation the closing sentence of adjuration will be M¤¤¤¤¤¤¤& omitte . Anr. 20. Coivrmuancns.-—A court·martial may, for reasonable °¤¤¤¤¤¤¤°•¤ cause, grant a continuance to either party for such time and as often as may appear to be just. i . Aar. 21. Rnrusar. on mnnnim m rumn.-—When an accused lggmeiwanm to arraigned before a court-martial fails or refuses to plead, or answers "v.1_59,,65,,,m.,,,d. foreign to the purge, or after a. plea of guilty makes a statement °“· inconsistent with t lea, or when it appears to the court that he ” entered a lea of guilty improvidently or tll1‘0l§1 lack of understanding of) its meaning and effect, the court sh proceed to trial and judgment as if he had pleaded not guilty. Am-. 22. Pnocmss ro onram wrrN1:ssns.——Every trial judge advo- _“ *° °°¤*P°* cate of a general or special court-martial and every summary courtmartial shall have dpower to issue the like process to compel witnesses to appear an testify which courts of the United States, having criminal jurisdiction, may lawfully issue; but such process shall run to any part of the United States, its Territories, and possessions. Anr. 23. Rnrosar. T0 APPEAF on 'rEsT1FY.——-Every person not Ruusaiorcivqanto subject to military law who, being duly subpoenaed to appear as a %§,,,2‘,,,,,‘f"'“"· ° witness before any military court, commission, court of inquiry, or board, or before any officerhmilitaryoor civil, designated to take a deposition to be read in evidence fore such court, commission, court of inquiry, or board, willfully neglects or refuses to aptpear, or refuses to qualify as a witness, or to testify, or produce ocument evidence which such person may, have been legally subpoenaillf to produce, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, for which such person shall be pumshed on infomation in the district Ungdsxémmt nr, tu court or the United States or in a court or engine eramimi jms. ¤* “‘*°°“'* diction in any of the territoriipossessions of the United States, jurisdiction beiplg hereby confe upyon such courts for such purpose; and it sh be the duty of the mted States district attorney or the officer prosecuting for the Government in any such court of original criminal jurisdiction, on_the certification of the facts to him b the military court, comm1ssion, court of inquiry, or board, to filb an information against and prosecute the person so offending, and the punishment of such person, on conviction, shall be a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment not to exceed six months, or beth, at the discretion of the court: Provided, That the fees of such §,*;g;g·,“_ witness and his mileage, at the rates allowed to witnesses attending the courts of the United States, shall be duly paid or tendered sai witness, such ap1o¤%s to agi? of the Tzipprepriation for tht; compensation _Q W1 BSSGSZ 1* u , at eve F6!$0_lZ!. 110 P¤¤f=¤¤¤$¤¤F :0* O'- subject to m1l1t8·I'y law, who before any court-maiiuy , m1l1t8.l'y’ £“$:.ii:is(3r;iiiiii1i.C°d°' tribunal, or military board, or in comiection with, or in relation to any proceeding; or investigation before it or had under any of the provisions of t s act, is guilty of any of the acts made punishable