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SIXTY·SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 228. 1920. 817 NAVAL TRAINING STATION, GREAT Larmsz Maintenance of naval °’°°* L°*°$·m training station: Labor and material; general care, re airs, and improvements of groimds, buildings, and piers; street car ¥are; p1u·chase and maintenance of live stock, and attendance on same; wagons, carts, implements, and tools, and repairs to same, including the maintenance, repair, and operation of one horse-drawntir;assenger-carrying vehicle to be used only for official pugposes; e apparatus an extinguishers; gymnastic implements; mo els and other articles needed in instruction of apprentice seamen· printing outfit and material, and maintenance of same; heating and lighting, and repairs to powerlant equipment, distributing mams trmnel, and conduits; stationery, books, schoolbooks, and periodicals; washing; packing boxes and materials; lectures and suitable entertainments for apprentice sea- P,oo,_oo_ men; and all other contingent expenses: Provided, That the sum to _ Clerical, etc., sewbe paid out of this appropriation under the direction of the Secretary ‘°°S` of the Navy for clerical, drafting, inspection, and messenger service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1921, shall not exceed $45,000; in all, naval training station, Great Lakes, $575,000. Homoooo Roooo NAVAL mamma s·rATr0N, NAVAL OPERATING BASE, HAMPTON vs. ’ RoAns, Vmeimaz Maintenance of naval training station at naval operating base, Virginia: Labor and material, general care, repairs, and improvements; schoolbo0ks‘ and all other mcrdental expenses: P,oo,oo_ Provided, That the sum to be paid out of this sgppropmatron under the mglerical, etc-, servdirection of the Secretary of theNavy for cleri , drafting, inspection, _ and messenger service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1921, shall not exceed $25,000; in all, $375,000. _ Summer schools on The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized, in his direction, toys. _ _ to establish at two of the permanent naval training stations experi- ,,§’;§,§$,‘Q%,§_,¥;§‘§oo€*‘“'° mental summer schools for boys between the ages of sixteen and twenty years. For this purpose he is authorized to use such buildings, or other accommodations, at such training stations; to loan any naval equipment necessary for such purposes, and to give instructions which will fit them for service in the Navy of the United States. He is em owered to establish and enforce such rules within the camp as may ge necessary and to detail such members of the naval personnel as may be required in order to encourage and execute the spirit of this Act. The Secretary of the Navy is further authorized to loan the Uniforms subsiso necessary naval uniforms during the period of training and to furnish eimac. ' subsistence, medical attendance, and other necessary incidental p,,,,,,o_ expenses for those attending these schools: Provided, That those m}`fyg¤p;l>¤l5;;o"g¤*§Q; under instruction, with the consent of their parents or their guardians, serve. shall enroll in the Naval Reserve Force for not less than three months, and no person not so enrolled shall be admitted to said training Amount ooohomo schools. For carrying out the provisions of this paragraph the sum_ of $2001000 is a’l)pr0¥,na't’€d’ . . Naval Reserve NAVAL Rnsizavn 012012: For expenses of organizing, administer- rome. _ ing, and recruiting the Naval Reserve Force and Naval Militia; for ,oQf§§g}*“‘“¥i "°'“**‘ the maintenance and rental of armories, including the pay of neces- ,,,o,,_,o_,· gary janitors, and for Wharfage, $50,000: Provided, That no_part of Li=¤i¤=¤¤¤- the money appropriated in this Act shall be used for the training of any member ol) the Naval Reserve Force except with his own consent: yom mm,o_ Priwided further, That, until June 30, 1922, of the Organized Militia MSS; tgzogsiggged as provided by law, Supll p&I‘C &S may be duly prescribed m any State, Territory, or the District of Columbia shall constitute a NavalM1l1t1a; moo ,, of Nom end, until June 30, 1922,_snch of the Naval Militia as now rs in exns- Rgsgivgolzrcgoo tance, and as now Orgamzed and prescribed by the Secretary of the ’P' ` Navy under authority of the Act of Congress approved February I6, 191=l, shall be 8. part of the Naval Reserve Force, and the Secretgg of the Navy is authorized to maintain and provide for said Naval tm Bmw em on em as provided in said Act: Provided further, That upon their enrollment ailment. ’ "