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830 sixTY-six·rH coxennss. sas. ri. oe. 228. 1920. pointers, mess sergeants, cooks, messmen, signalmen, or holding good-conduct medals, pins, or bars, including interest on deposits y enlisted men, post-exchange debts of deserters, under such rules as the Secretary o the Nammay prescribe, and the authorized travel allowance of discharged e ted men, and for prizes for excellence in gunnery exercise and target practice, and for pay of enlisted men esignated as Navy mail c erks and assistant Navy mail clerks, both Authorized mma afloat and ashore, $1Q,308,331.20. _ smugai. The authorized enlisted strength of the active list of the Marine ·*’*'¢·¤· 15* Corps is hereby permanently established at twenty-seven thousand P mos four hundred, distribution in the various grades to be made in the same riansiei ot tempo- proportion as provided under existing law: Promkied, That all officers c'g”,_k,§§‘*i°,§”pj§¤§‘j},§,§g serving temporarily in the grades of captain and below upon the date list of the passage of this Act shall be eligible to fill existing vacancies and those hereby created in the permanent authorized stren th in A G d gms W said grades by transfer to or reappointment in the permanent Liarine vsigasin P Co s in the grades not above t at of captain. ers so made ‘ shdlll be without regard to age, and if found not gualified for transfer Qmmmom em to the same {grade as that held by them on the ate of transfer then I ’ to lower gra es after qualification. All officers so transferred shall establish to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Navy, imder such rules as he may prescribe, their mental, moral, professional, and physical qualifications to erform the duties of the grade to which transferred or rea£pointed) and shall take precedence with each other and with other 0 cers of the Marine Corps in such order as may be recom- _ __ mended by a board of marine oiizicers and approved by the Secretary ¤¤Eii§ii)$i$t¥i£°i§°f;f}i$e§ of the Na : Provided, That all persons who served honorably as ·*¥"‘“‘»m"· officers in He Marine Corps or Marine Corpls Reserve on active duty at any time between April 6, 1917, and the date of the passage of this Act and who have been honorably discharged or assigned to inactive duty shall be eligible for permanent appointment in the same or a lower rank than that held on discharge or assignment to inactive duty, but not above the rank of captain, to fill vacancies existing or hereby created in the permanent authorized strength of the Marine Appointment as wah Corps under the_same conditions as those above prescribed for officers

aia0ma-snqer_q¤e1- now in the service
Promkled further, That officers now holding tem-
      • 8** ‘°‘ °°“‘“‘“‘°“$‘ porary commissions in the Marine Corps and who have had more than

ten years’ service therein, if not found qualified for ermanent commissions, and who are recommended by the board therein provided for, may be appointed warrant officers in the Marine Cor s; and the authorized number of warrant officers is hereby increased) by a num- Tim_Hm_t [mmS_ ber not to exceed fifty to provide for the appointment of the aforeres. ° I said officers: P1‘O’l72d€d£`u7’th€T, That all transfers and appointments Rmmon M LW made in accordance wit the provisions of this section shal be accompomry, umn p<=mi.iii- phshed by June 30, 1_921: Promdedfurtlwr, That the officers now holdgggg PP°*¤‘m‘ "‘“ ing temporary appointments as commissioned officers m the Marine Corps may retain their temporary commissions until the ggermanent aplgiintments provided for in the foregoing section shall ave been _ ma e. R°"""’°°‘“"'lm°“' For pay and allowances prescribed by law of enlisted men on the retired ist: For twelvesergeauts major, one drum major, twenty-nine giliginery sergeants, thirty-one quartermaster sergeants, forty-eight t sergeants, fifty··seven sergeants, ten corporals, four principal musicians, sixteen iirstrclass musicians, one second-class musician, one drummer, and ten privates, and for those who may be retired _ _ during the fiscal year, $168,045. C“‘·"“'° °‘°““”g· 1U{]i1i>:1rawnd<E.lothing:0 ger payment to discharged enlisted men for _ cot°gun awn,$5,00. ““°“g°· Mileageg ger mileage to officers traveling under orders without troops, $1 2, O0.