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SIXTY·SIXTH ooxonnss. sms. II. ca. 235. 1920. 887 EMPLOYEES’ COMPENSATION COMMISSION. pe*j__¤;¤trg{>g1Y¤¤¤’C°u$jI<;_,mS; S10!]. SALA1zms: Three commissioners, at $4,000 each; secretary, $3,000; S°*°*’l°’· attorney, $4,000; chief statistician, $3,500; chief of accounts, $2,500; assistant chief of accounts, $1,600; accountant, $2,250; claim examiners—chief $2,250, assistant $2,000, assistant $1,800, five assistants at $1,600 each; special agents—two at $1,800 each, two at $1,600 each; clerks-seven of c ass three, twelve of class two, twenty- seven of class one, three at $1,000 each; chief telephone operator, $1,000; messenger, $840· experts and temporary assistants in the District of glolumbiia and, elsewhere]? be paid ati; a rate not exceedmv $8 er ay, an tem rary c er , steno a ers, or ty ewriters inbthe Biirltrict of Colrnngllgi, to bgel paid at aglatia) not exceeding $100 rmont , $l0,000·in , $124, 0. PBCONTINGENT EXI;ENSES3 For furniture and other e uipment and C°mm°°t°xl repairs thereto; law books, books of reference, periodicgs, stationery, and supplies; traveling ex enses; printing and binding to be done at Medica, mmm, the Government Printing Silica; medical examinations, traveling and uopsfezc. _ other expenses, and loss of wages payable to employees under section ° ‘3°**" "" 21 of the Act of September 7, 1916, and for miscellaneous items; in all, $30,000. (,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,0,, mm EMPLOYEES, cournusynox FUND: For the payment of compen- ynfvgncemm. sation rovided by "An Act to provide compensation for employees ° *"‘ "°·"“· of the {lnited States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposes/{ approved September 7, 1916, including medical, surgical, an hospnt services, and srépplies provided b section 9, and the transportation and_ burr _ expenses provided, by sections 9 and 11, $2,500,000, to remain available until expended. FEDERAL BOARD FOR VOCATIONAL EDUCATION , mvloggrlraai mim- Vocational rehabilitation: For an additional amount for carrying .R·¤’*¤,°i1{'¤¤*i°¤ .rg' out the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the gcc. www ' vocational rehabilitation and return to civil employment of disabled *°·P‘¥;:1’·“’9- ersons discharged from the military or naval forces of the United ’p` ° gtates, and for other purposes/’ approved June 27, 1918, as amended, including personal services in the istrict of Columbia and elsewhere, funeral and other incidental expenses (including trans ortation of remains) of deceased trainees of the board, pr·intingx;•.(ncl) binding to be done at the Government Printing Office, law ks, books of reference, and periodicals, $90,000 000, of which sum not exceeding _Renta11owa¤ce,cc¤- $5,000 may be expended for rent of quarters in the District of Qolum- "‘“°‘”“· bia if space is nlpt ppovidfgd by2_the Rublig Buildiplgs Commission: Provide , That the sa ary unite ions p ace u on the a ro nation smart. for vocational rehabilitation by the Srmdry Ciliiil Approléliiatlion Act ,];“,,{,f°§Y",§,_°°"‘“ approved July 19, 1919, shall apply to the appropriation erem made except that there may be employed druing the fiscal year 1921,_ in addition to this limitation, employees at annual rates of compensation maxaman emprcy. as follows: One at not to exceed $6,500, one at not to exceed $5,000, °”°“"‘°“"°°‘ two at not to exceed $4,000 each, ten at not to exceed $3,500 each, ten at not to exceed $3,250 each, and ten at not to exceed $3,000 each. FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. mg}? 'f¤¤¤ Cm For five commissioners, at $10,000 each; secretary, $5,000; in all, S°’“““ $55,000. For all other authorized expenditures of the Federal Trade Com- All °“'“ °‘¥’°"“S· mission in performing the duties imposed by law or pursuance of law, including personal and other services in the District of Columbia