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920 sixrY-S1xrr1 CONGRESS. sms. 11. on. 22.5. 1920. ing $1,500 of this sum may be expended in the removal of patients to their friends, not excee ing $1,000 in_the purchase of suc books, periodicals, and papers as may be required or the purposes of the ospital and for the medical `brary, and not exceeding $1,500 foractual and necessaxy expenses incurred in the appre ension and D returnhto the hospit pif escaped patrengs. dlsb h U °¤¤*Y ¢*°"*¤'¤*¤€ Aut ority is grante to appomt a eputy urs' agent w o °°m°m°nwd` shall {ve a bond satisfactory to the Secretary of theulnterior, and who s all have the same power as the disbursing agent during the d absence of that officer. g,§,,§§§§_‘"“g” “For general repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, $80,000. For hydrotherapeutic apparatus and baths, $15,000. For construction of a garage, $15,000. For construction of a sun parlor, $20,000. a.?ElZZ¥`3»iZns»i}lstit°` coumma rusrrrrrrron ron mn psu. M°m°°°°°°° For support of the institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, books and illustrative apparatus, and general repairs and Re improvements, $90,000. _ °°i”‘ or repairs to buildings of the institution, including plumbing and steam fitting, and for repairs to pavements within the grounds, $8 500. Womerrsdormitory. ’ . . . . . . . For painting and equi ing new women’s dormitory building and finishing grading and wall; adjacent thereto, $5,000. , H°w"d U°iv°my° nowann umvmisrrr. mm°m°°°’°t°` For maintenance, to be used in payment of part of the salaries of the_ofiicers, professors, teachers, and other regular emaployees of the umversity, ice and stationery, the balance of which sh be paid from donations and other sources, of which sum not less than_ $1,500 shall be used for normal instruction, $90,000; For tools, materials, fuel, wages of instructors, and other necessary expenses of the department of manual arts, $20,000; or books, shelving, furniture, and fixtures for the libraries, $1,500; Hom economics For 1mprovement_of grounds and repairs of buildings, $32,500; terrain;. Sgllgggiome economics uilding, to inc ude dining hall and kitchen, . _ 5, ; M°dmld°p°rtmm" Medical department: For part cost of needed equipment, laboratory supplies, apparatus, and repair of laboratories and buildings, $7,000; For material and apparatus for chemical, physical, biological, and natiural-history stuélieg imd use in laboratories of the science hall, _ inc ud1ng` cases an s e ving, $2,000; F°°”"° ug"' Fuel and light: For part payment for fuel and light, Freedmerfs Hospital and Howard Umversity, including necessary labor to care for and operate the same, $5,000; Fw¥,mm,s HGSPL In :11],3243,000. ’ ear. rnrmnmnx S nosrrrari. S¤*¤¤<·¤·¤¢¤- For salaries and compensation of the surgeon in chief, not to exceed $3,000, and for all other professional and other services that may be required and expressly approved by the Secretary of the Interior, $40,020. _ A detailed statement of the expenditure of this C _ sum shall be submitted to Congress; ,§’,‘§§f‘g,”‘?‘§’7§{"’°"’°s‘ _ For subsistence, fuel and light, clothing, bedding, forage, medicine, medical and surgical supplies, surgical instruments, electric lights, repairs, furniture, motor-propelled ambulance, and other a solutely necessary expenses, $54,500; In all, $94,520.